Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey...I liked it! - Texas Chainsaw 3D on blu-ray!

 Hey...I liked it! - Texas Chainsaw 3D on blu-ray!

So yesterday I picked up Texas Chainsaw 3D on blu-ray, and as much as so many people HATED this sequel, I actually really enjoyed it. I wouldn't say I'm a massive fan of the TCM movies, but I've always enjoyed them...well at least 1-3. The original in my eyes is one of the scariest and brilliantly made horror movies ever. In fact last year for Monster Mania in Cherry Hill NJ they did a screening of this and I can't even count how many horrible very Boston sounding "Oh My Gawds..." happened. It's seriously frightening. 

The sequel of course is a huge cult classic and favorite of mine. I give Hooper total props for returning to make part two and making it NOTHING like the original. This movie was a colorful black campy horror thrill ride with very memorable characters and even more memorable scenes. 

The third didn't hold the magic part two did, but still had a great cast, awesome gore, and some pretty epic moments.

As for part 4 and the two shit remakes...ehhhhhh.......

After the two highly stylized shit remakes, it was a breath of fresh air seeing this movie get made. I loved that it was a direct sequel to part one and besides some major time line holes, I thought it was a great branch on film to the classic original. I really don't care what fans say, at least this respected Hooper's film, and had it's own take of the universe it took place in. In fact it wasn't since The Devil's Rejects had I rooted for the villains. Putting aside a few flaws, I found this sequel highly enjoyable and had a very fitting ending. 

So for all fans out there, go buy this DVD/blu-ray and support awesome sequels/prequels. In a time of shit remakes, I'll rather see movies like this made LONG before I want to see  classic original get shit on being retold. 

Maybe I'm just bitter about the Gremlins remake...blah...

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