Monday, May 27, 2013

Greatest youtube video ever...

 Greatest youtube video ever...

So first off let me say I'm sorry with how shitty my last post looks. I no longer use my camera so I took all my photos this past weekend on my Ipad and for some unknown reason they look too big for the actual post. I would have tried to figure out the kinks with it but I was in a hurry to post photos and share my stories of meeting Mr. Galligan this past weekend.

Half awake now after flying back to Boston, I'll try my hardest to fix the post and try to post a few photos and videos of Zach's Q&A. Until then, I leave you with a pretty epic video. yesterday before leaving I said goodbye to Zach and asked if I could video tape him saying my all time favorite line from Waxwork II. I was dying while he was doing it and of course you can hear my clown horn laugh at the very end. = magical.

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