Thursday, April 4, 2013

Carrie 2013 remake trailer

 Carrie 2013 remake trailer

In 1976 Brian De Palma made in my eyes what was one of the best movies from the 1970's. Crafting Stephen King's very first novel into a visually dazzling and haunted tale of a painfully shy young girl with a terrifying power that's laid dormant after years of crazed abuse from her highly religious and unstable mother. Finally after years of being withdrawn and picked on, she reaches her deadly limits when she's invited to the senior prom only to be part of the worst and final prank of all time. 

Of course over the years remake after remake after remake after remake after remake has been done. Classics that we have all known and loved have been re-told and 80% of the time done horribly. Sorry guys, it isn't the 1980's where they took older movies that acutely could need a reboot and brought to a whole new level. Instead we've gotten shitty movies done half assed just to look sleek with new television stars and rushed through just to make a buck for the studio. (The Fog, Black Christmas, When A Stranger Calls, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Prom Night, Fright Night, ect.) but every once in a while you get a movie that isn't trying to replace the classic but make their own movie which is just as awesome (Dawn Of The Dead) with the new upcoming Evil Dead remake being released this weekend, so didn't the remake of Carrie starring Chloe Grace Moretz, and Julianne Moore. After a very impressive teaser trailer and poster, and being pushed back towards the Halloween season...the full length trailer finally came out today.

My thoughts are kinda eh. I mean the first Carrie is classic (I HATE and I mean HATE the awful made for TV movie that was released a few years ago.) This just feels like a movie that really shouldn't have been redone. I mean I feel De Palma really got it the first time around. Still, it will be interesting to see. I'm sure I'll end up enjoying it. 

So here is finally the full length trailer for Carrie, due out this fall.

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