Monday, March 4, 2013

Mail Call! - London 1888

 Mail Call!- London 1888

Today I came home to yet another amazing package in the mail. A while ago I decided to order myself up the handsome and brilliantly made Hans Landa print that my friend  Christopher Ott made up from his company London 1888. After doing a series based off some of the more popular Quentin Tarantino's characters. Landa being one of my favorites I knew it was a must-have to frame and put up in my office. 

This print is truly stunning and crazy good. I count myself lucky to own a couple of Chris' prints and I do hope in the future I'll be able to build my collection. Chris is one of the coolest guys in the horror community, and this truly brightened by day. On top of it I also got a sweet poster for the up coming Evil Dead remake (Raimi love is true love) and some sweet buttons! Thanks again Chris!

For anyone who's interested in checking out Chris' sick work visit his website.

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