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Friday The 13th The Series - Cupid's Quiver

Friday The 13th The Series - Cupid's Quiver
Ah February, love is in the air...and like clockwork I have the stomach flu. Seriously you could set your watch and every single year I'm puking my brains out in the first few weeks of this month. Every time I do have this horrible plague, I end up watching the same two shows while I drift in and out of my feverish haze. Twin Peaks and Friday The 13th The Series. Today as I had my head in a plastic bag half puking, half crying I watched an episode of Friday that is very fitting for this month. Airing back in October of 1987 in the first season, this is Cupid's Quiver.

PLOT - The statue can make people fall in love with its owner by shooting an invisible little arrow/beam of light into the desired individual. A creepy guy (Denis Forest) obtains the statue in an attempt to get the woman he is stalking to fall in love with him. Micki, Ryan, and Jack spend a good deal of time on a college campus/at a fraternity house party trying to find the statue.

Cursed Object - Cupid statue 

LOWDOWN -  I have expressed in the past how much I love Friday the 13th The Series. I have even gone so far to express my love in even naming two of my dogs after the lead characters. This show was very ahead of it's time and the fact it spun off the wild success of the slasher films from the same name, yet went in it's own direction which worked wonderfully goes to show what a truly special show it was. Just three episodes in, Friday the 13th The Series had tackled a killer talking doll, a cursed pen, and now a Cupid statue. I'll be the first to admit, the first season of Friday did take a little bit to get going. A few of the episodes took a while to standout and of course of budget held things back a bit. It wasn't long before the ball got rolling and before the audience knew it...the show reached cult status. Even though Cupid's Quiver never really stood out as one of my favorite episodes from the show, it still was very well written showing how far a man would go when he's obsessed and the lengths he's willing to go. The cursed object is beyond creepy and it's always nice to see the main characters just beginning to really seem comfortable in the roles their playing. A great episode to watch during the month of February, and of course to make you think twice when you feel a sudden pain and next thing you know you're head over heels for the local psycho!   

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