Thursday, January 31, 2013

Return Of The Living Dead Figure

 Return Of The Living Dead Figure 

Return Of The Living Dead after the ever so amazing Day Of The Dead in my eyes is one of the best zombie movies of the 1980's. A small group of punk rockers and funeral home and factory workers are trapped in a surrounding cemetery when some military toxic gas is released, causing the buried corpses to rise and seek the one thing that stops the pain of them rotting...


With a wonderful cast, soundtrack, and some pretty dazzling effects along with a great jaw dropping ending, Return spawned several sequels and have become a cult classic over the years. I myself still have fond memories of when I first rented this movie as a child and had the urge to tell everyone I knew about the entire plot, scene by scene.

As the years went on, I admired this movie for so many different reasons, one of the main ones being the first zombie to be featured in the first film.


Who can ever forget when poor Tina hides down in the basement as Mr. Tarman comes sauntering on over, his big gorgeous eyes and pieces of his black rotting slim flesh dripping off his bones. 

This past fall at HorrorHound while trying to buy as much Gremlins merch as possible, my friend pointed out a very awesome Tarman figure that I had first seen a few months earlier. For only twenty bucks this handsome bastard was being sold and thanks to my friend, she talked me into it and I adopted him.

Amok Time was the company behind making this very demanded action figure and I really have to hand it to them on the attention of detail. Now I'm being that dork that's leaving my figure in the package. Lately there have been more and more reunions with the cast and I hope someday soon I can meet a good chunk of them and get them to sign the package. 

Mr. Tarman comes with an awesome base and a tiny little brain with a bite taken out of it, recreating his famous basement scene in the original film.

These little babies are just starting to come up on price online and I have a feeling in the next couple of years will double their value. I can't stress enough to any die hard fan of the Return series, go adopt one of these babies and give them a good home!

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