Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best showdowns in a horror movie part 1

 Best showdowns in a horror movie part 1
Everyone loves a good fight. Back in high school I was sadly one of those assholes who would stand in a circle chanting while two girls fought each other and pulled their hair. Maybe it's just the thrill and excitement of it all. Just like the Greasers Vs Socs, here are some of the best rumbels in a horror movie.

Lefty Enright Vs Leatherface

Zombie Vs Shark 
Tina Vs Jason 

 Laurie Strode Vs Michael Myers

Ash Vs His Hand 

Freddy Vs Jason 

Nada Vs John 

Monsters Vs Kids 

Reggie and Michael Vs The Tall Man 

Steven Vs Jason 

Alice Vs Freddy

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