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Best moments in the Nightmare On Elm Street series

 Best moments in the Nightmare On Elm Street series
Oh Springwood. Such a nice town that has been debated to be either in Ohio or California. A nice simple town that has many dark secrets. In the 1940's a young nun was brutally raped inside a mental hospital ward. Her child later grew up to be Fred Kruger, a deeply disturbed young man who began to molest and kill local children from the neighborhood. It wasn't long before the law caught up with him but sadly due to a search warrant not being signed, Kruger was free and back to walking the same streets so many children played on. The parents of Spingwood all decided to create a lynch-mob and track Kruger down to the old factory where he worked at. Trapping him in the boiler room where hr brought many of the deceased children, they soaked the place with gas and lit a match, burning Freddy alive. Swearing his revenge, Freddy burnt to death while all the parents watched relieved believing the nightmare was finally over.

But it wasn' just begun.

Over the course of nearly thirty years, eight films, a television series, and a remake Mr. Fred Kruger came back in the dreams of his victims collecting souls and feeding off fear.

The original Nightmare has been a favorite of mine for many years. In fact if it wasn't for my horrible fear of this movie I really don't think I would have ever gotten into horror movies. I'm sure just like the Friday the 13th movies I'll post later about my favorite films from the series and my history with seeing them for the first time.

Today's post is on my all time favorite moments from the original Nightmare and it's sequels.

Glen's death

The ending credits of the original 
Pool Party Massacre

Jessie's transformation 
Nancy and Freddy come back to face again.

Freddy's burial/Nancy's defeat.

Joey! Kincaid! Help me!”

One down...two to go...”

Soul Food

Alice gets ready

Welcome to Wonderland Alice!” 
Freddy's best death of all time

You are...what you eat!”

Freddy's memories

Funeral from Hell


Heather turns into Nancy

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