Friday, January 11, 2013

Waxwork II Lost In Time Japanese VHS...Stacy - 1/ebay - 0

 Waxwork II Lost In Time Japanese VHS...Stacy - 1/ebay - 0
I think as the first year approaches of me starting this small little blog, whoever bothers to read it has noticed that I'm a pretty big Waxwork fan. I adore that movie for so many different ways, and strangely enough I have a very special place in my heart for it's bastard sequel Lost In Time. I really don't know what it is about this movie. Somehow I've been able to look past it's many flaws and just enjoy it for the guilty pleasure it is. 

My Waxwork collection has very quickly begun to build since this summer. So far I have an original 3D Waxwork comic, Waxwork 1 on VHS, the double feature DVD with both films, the horror movie 8 pack which features the first film, and my personal favorite...several stunning lobby cards for Lost In Time from Spain. 

Yeah...I know I have a problem.

I'm still on the hunt to get the original on laserdisk and find part II on VHS. While searching the bowels of the internet, I found a pretty breathtaking find. 

A Waxwork II VHS tape from Japan.

I of course knew I had to have it. As first a Waxwork fan, and of course as a huge VHS collector. So I stayed up, did my bidding and got this baby for a very reasonable price. I decided to claim it as my Hanukkiah gift...even though I'm not Jewish...but the point remains. 

Just tonight I came home to that package waiting for me. Beyond thrilled I ripped it open to find this little gem sitting inside. The best way to describe the artwork for the cover is nothing less than gorgeous. In fact when I do end up getting my Waxwork tattoo I would love something like this. 

So here it is in all it's glory. The wonderful, amazing...Waxwork II


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