Thursday, January 10, 2013

Custom Friday the 13th the series earrings!

 Custom Friday the 13th the series earrings!
Shortly after the holidays I decided to treat myself to having a few custom sets of earrings made for myself. For anyone who knows me, I'm a huge earring nut. In fact I've amazed a good number of people with the size/length of some of my earrings, and my impressive collection of unique sets I've gathered over the years. Over time I've slowed down with my over the top/heavy pairs due to the fact my poor earlobes have really begun to look like elephant ears. Nothing against people with gauges, but I could never do that to my ears, and my biggest fear being that someday I'll end up ripping my lobes, I leave the really crazy ones for only special occasions. Just last year thru some friends I stumbled upon a pretty awesome Etsy shop owned by Lesley Cottle. 

Lesley owns the shop Pink Pandemonium which she deigns awesome bags and jewelry, most of which are custom and based off awesome horror movies. Over time I've had Lesley deign me a set of Sam Raimi and Waxwork earrings, and two very awesome tote bags based off Evil Dead II and Christine

Just last month I asked Lesley if she could make me two sets of custom earrings. One being a set of Harlan Pepper earrings from Best In Show, and the other based off my all time favorite show Friday the 13th the series. 

Just today I received the package in the mail and fell in love. I seriously love there and can't express how excited I am to rock these babies. What's awesome about Lesley's work is the fact these earrings are heavy duty and gorgeous. Just this past fall when I wore my Sam Raimi earrings, I lost track of how many people noticed and commented on them. 

I'm sure I'll be getting some Christine earrings just in time for this March show.

I'm super pumped to ear these earrings, and love the fact that as heavy duty as they are, they feel very light weight. I adore these and love that I'm showing some true fan love for Friday the 13th the series. Trust me this show doesn't get the respect it deserves!

Here is a link for Lesley's shop. She does great custom work and really holds up. A million thanks again!

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