Saturday, January 12, 2013

Freshly leaked Scream Factory cover for The Burning!

 Freshly leaked Scream Factory cover for The Burning!
God bless these people over at Scream Factory. For the past year they have been releasing classic and lost titles into sleek and fresh blu-rays with gorgeous new artwork for the covers, amazing extras, and giving the pure joy of watching some movies that hadn't even seen a DVD release, now get made into the format they were originally supposed to be seen in.

Just this year such titles as Halloween II, Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, Deadly Blessing, Terror Train, The Funhouse, and Death Valley have been released with nothing less than positive reviews. 

At the November Jamie Lee Curtis HorrorHound show, it was announced that Scream Factory was planning on releasing some pretty awesome titles for the upcoming year. Such as The Howling, Lifeforce, Night Of The Comet, The Fog, and The Burning. Some of which are personal favorites of mine.

Just yesterday artist Nathan Thomas Milliner released a sneak peek of his stunning artwork for the upcoming release for The Burning. Nathan is a crazy talented artist who has been working as an artist for HorrorHound for several years. He's also the man responsible for Scream Factory's Halloween II, III, The Funhouse, Terror Train, and Deadly Blessing's covers. I've been lucky enough to meet Nathan a few times at past shows and bought a few prints of his (my personal favorite being the Phantasm drive-in.) 

I'm beyond excited for this upcoming release since I'm a huge Burning fan. In fact it's in my top five favorite slashers of all time! Just in 2008 I finally got around to watching this classic when MGM released it on DVD. Safe to say the cover they picked was...pretty fucking awful.

Still, I still remember that summer day I did indeed end up buying and watching it. This movie along with so many others holds a special place in my heart since I watched it with my mother and the both of us ended up loving it. Over the years I haven't gotten enough of this movie. I showed the brutal raft massacre in one of my film classes (which left the whole class speechless.) I've designed a Crospy and Woodstock figure back at school, which I'll be releasing and selling this up coming fall.

And to truly show what a fan I am, back at school when we had a victims party (dress as your favorite horror movie victim) I dressed up as Fisher Stevens from the movie, chopped off fingers and all!

I'll be closely following the release of this bluray since I'm honestly beyond excited for it. I can only hope the extras will be insane and we'll all be able to see this stunning movie exactly as it was supposed to be seen!

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