Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Ten Cursed Antiques - Friday the 13th the series

 Top Ten Cursed Antiques - Friday the 13th the series 

I think anyone who knows me understands how much I love and adore this show. For three brief years audiences were treated to the weird and amazing world of Curious Goods. A location very far from Camp Crystal Lake. For three seasons two cousins with the help from some friends tracked down dangerous blood thirsty cursed objects from the devil himself. Now due to some sweet insomnia, I decided to make a brief list of my personal favorite objects that poor Micki, Ryan, and Jack had to track down, risk their life's, and collect before any more blood was spilled.

The Inheritance – Doll

Cup Of Time – Teacup 
Vanity's Mirror – Gold Compact 
What A Mother Wouldn't Do – Baby's Cradle

And Now The News – Radio

Heads I live, Tails You Die – Coin

Wax Magic – Handkerchief

13 o'Clock – Pocket Watch

Playhouse – Playhouse

Mesmer's Bauble – Crystal Pendant

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