Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Horror Haul 2012!

 Christmas Horror Haul 2012!
Ah Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year...or at least some people think so. I've really never been much of a Christmas nut. I mean yeah my parents always made a big deal about it when my sister and I were kids, but as I get older I see it as just a nice little time to get drunk with my family and watch Black Christmas and Gremlins on repeat over and over again.

This year I was very blessed with some pretty awesome gifts from my family and friends. 

This year I was lucky enough to get some pretty awesome and unique gifts. Now I'll be the first to admit, I rather give than receive. Maybe it's something I got from my mother but I love spending money on my loved ones. I somehow always feel sorta guilty whenever I get something...unless it's booze. I never feel guilty when it's booze.

First I decided earlier this month to buy myself a few little gifts. Hell I deserve it! The first was one of my childhood favorites The Princess Bride on bluray. The second was a stunning Radioactive Dreams poster.

I also bought myself an original Waxwork II Japan VHS which is extremely rare. I'll be posting photos as soon as it comes in. Thank you Ebay! 

What I received this year were some pretty awesome gifts. First off my sister and I always outdo each other every holiday with presents. This year my sister got me some pretty awesome stuff along with the every so amazing This Is Spinal Tap on bluray. I think it's clear I'm a Christopher Guest nut so being able to watch this gem in HD was amazing. Trust me...this disk goes to 11.

The next thing I got was an ever so awesome package from my friend Melissa who's based out of Chicago. It's sorta become a tradition that we send each other little care packages. This year I was surprised to find a package with shark PJs (which I'm sure I'll be wearing tonight while drinking.) and AWESOME original Night Of The Creeps lobby cards. These babies are from the press kit when the film was released and as a Creeps nut I nearly screamed my head off when I opened this. I'm a huge sucker for lobby cards and posters, so I was a tad bit excited when I discovered how amazing the condition these babies were.

The last and most amazing comes from my best friend Mike. I'm sure everyone knows my very weird obsession with Waxwork and Waxwork II. Mike ordered original lobby cards of Waxwork II from Spain! I died when I opened these. Simply stunning!

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