Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Nightmare On Elm Street bluray collection

 A Nightmare On Elm Street bluray collection

A Nightmare On Elm Street is one of the first main reasons why I became so interested in horror. For a further post, I'll explain why in better detail, but in summary it's because the original scared the shit out of me. Wanting to face my fears, I ended up finally watching it through and from that point onward I was hooked. While other girls my age were into boy bands and Titanic, I was into the elm street movies. Even though many think I'm a Jason girl, Freddy deep down inside has left claw marks on my heart. I'll never forget when my mother bought the newly released VHS boxset and how over and over again for a whole summer I watched these movies (mostly part 4 since it was my favorite.) A few years later I got the DVD set, and over the years I have been lucky enough to meet the stars from the films, collect amazing items based off the series, and grow to believe that even though the sequels did become silly and overdone, that Wes Craven gave birth to a very original idea. 

So after hooking up my new bluray player this past November, I've always begun collecting blurays even though I was boycotting them for what seemed like forever. I still collect and cherish my VHS tapes, so the thought of having to re-buy my movies yet again seemed pointless. Well, it wasn't until I started watching some of my favorites in HD that I sorta jumped on board. My theory is to only buy movies that I know for a fact will look stunning in this format, newly released out of print titles (via Intruder.) or movies I just can't say no to. The Nightmare On Elm Street collect was one of these.

Looking on line I was more than a little surprised to see how expensive this set was. Not really wanting to blow fifty bucks on a set of movies I owned many copies of all ready, I decided to check out my local Best Buy.

I was not disappointed.

This little fucker was fifteen...count it fifteen dollars marked down from forty-four. Talk about a steal!

So far I have only watched Dream Warriors and I have to agree with what everyone has been talking about. These movies look as though they were just released yesterday. The image is beyond clear and simply beautiful. I know this week I'll slowly begin watching each movie along with the amazing extras and special features that are included. I was more than a little stunned to see that on the bonus disk they put two episodes of Freddy's Nightmares! I own a bootleg copy of the entire show and it's great to see it in a clearer format. 

I'll post a future review on my thoughts in total on the entire collection and the special features. Now I've sworn to myself not to re-buy the Friday the 13th films, but knowing can't count on anything. Instead of being a crazy cat woman I'm going to be the crazy lady with twenty copies of the same movies over and over again. I am looking into buying the Subspecies boxset which I teased my friend Jeanette about buying last spring at Monster Mania. 

Looks like I'm going to have to give my original elm street away. Let's see who's the lucky person to nab it!

So thank you Best Buy for letting me buy 7 amazing films in the fashion they were supposed to be seen.

Welcome to prime time bitch!

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