Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top Five Thanksgiving themed horror movies

Top Five Thanksgiving themed horror movies
You know what? I'm gonna throw it out there. Thanksgiving is honestly one of my favorite holidays. After coming off the high of Halloween it's sandwiched between that and Christmas. The snow for the most part hasn't really started and that whole holiday feel is still fresh and new and not really annoying yet. It's cold but not too cold, you don't have to buy gifts for anyone, you can eat like a pig and get shit faced and nobody judges you...

Can we say perfection?

One thing I did notice was the fact that there are hardly any horror movies set around this very special time of the year. Sure we have plenty of Christmas horror...but what about Thanksgiving? Back in 2007 when Eli Roth made his ever so amusing Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving, I began to wonder...were there any horror movies on this holiday? Well after some digging I did finally find some really awesome titles, here are the top five Thanksgiving themed horror movies. Now all we need is Mr. Roth to get off his ass and make that awesome trailer a movie!


Home Sweet Home

Blood Freak



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