Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Most annoying children in horror

Most annoying children in horror
Okay I'll say can really suck. Is it bad I'm saying this and I'm a teacher? Maybe...
Still, having to be with these little 'sweethearts' all day I can really be the first who gets the right to say how much kids can sometimes really blow. When their young sure they can be cute and funny...but it seems as though the older they get the more you wanna just pinch their chubby little cheeks and pull a Flowers In The Attic and feed them some nice laced sugar cookies.

Too far?

Well to show how much I just adore is my list of some of the most annoying children ever in horror. The best of the best of the most darling, sweet, and fucking bratty children to ever grace the silver screen.

Ellie Creed - Pet Sematary
 - Nails on a chalk board or this little sweetheart bitching and moaning?

Danny – The Shinning (1997)

Robbie - Paranormal Activity 4  

Toshio – The Grudge
 - I have never wanted to slap a dead child so badly before in my life!

Chris - Trick R Treats 

Tommy - Halloween (2007)

Ezeekial - Children of the corn fields of terror

Hannah -The Collector

Wendy Ann Potter - Troll

Pete - Gremlins
 - Pete pretty much ruins the most awesome Christmas gift ever and doesn't even care. What a little shit!

Nicole - Dawn of the dead (2004)
 - Not exactly a child, but a super annoying teenager. Yeah I know honey your whole family was killed. Boo fucking who! Nicole is the reason several people die...why? Because she went after the fucking dog...

Mara -Village Of The Damned 

Donny -Storm Of The Century
 Couldn't even get a bigger photo of this fat little fuck.
Tad -Cujo 
- After listening to this kid scream for an hour straight you sorta wish they went with the novel's ending.

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