Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Custom VHS covers

Custom VHS Covers
I adore VHS tapes. In fact nothing honestly makes me happier than holding a tape in my hands. It brings back all sorts of pleasant memories from when I was a child and visiting the local video store and of course always rushing straight to the horror section where I would gaze at all the colorful and amazing covers and artwork in complete wonder.

Sadly there are a few really great movies that have well...sorta shitty covers. I've always thought if I was a better artist and with the right kind of software and...some copyrights a great idea mostly for fans is to make alternate cover work for these out of print tapes.  So screwing around last night with an old empty plastic squeeze tape case, I decided to sketch up what I believed would be a better cover for the 1992 thriller Psychic

This is a pretty unknown and underrated thriller that was released in the early 90's from director George Mihalka who also directed the very awesome My Bloody Valentine back in 1981. This movie has plenty of flaws (mostly it's ending) but stars Zach Galligan and is a personal favorite of mine from Vidmark Entertainment who released nearly three hundred titles for nearly twenty years. So here it is, comparing to the very dated shitty computer looking mask that graces the original cover. (I honestly have no idea why they even thought this looked cool.) But was the early 90's. Anything computer wise was cutting edge and cool. I just thought for a movie like this it should have focused on the actual psychic so messing around I sketched up a quick drawing of Zach Galligan from a key scene in the movie when he's touching the ground where a body was discovered and shoved it in the plastic VHS case. Mind you I'm not a great artist, and this has a very l-o-n-g way to go, but it gives you a general idea. Why not have a company some day that does this? I know easier said than done but I honestly do prefer my homemade cover cover the original. Gotta hand it to fans, their crazy and creative! 

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