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This last spring when I visited Cherry Hill NJ for Monster Mania, I stopped by the VHSPS booth to do my all time favorite thing whenever I go to a convention.

And that's buy movies.

I love buying bootlegs/copied movies at shows since they usually have titles that are either out of print or very are to buy. Thanks to the internet and these shows I'm able to track down some pretty rare movies that I thought were frozen forever in the lost abyss otherwise known as the VHS era. What I liked about the VHSPS guys was that they were different than all the other tables I've visited before in the past. First off they are extremely nice guys. They knew a few people I hang with at these shows and took the time to shoot the shit with me and explain certain movies to be and their own tastes. Also they were willing to make a few deals with me and even take requests for certain movies they didn't have. These guys were nothing but awesome and I love that they really don't do bootlegs. They preserve certain movies exactly as they are from the VHS tapes but bring them to DVD so everyone can enjoy them. I love that they take the time to make kick ass menus for their movies and have an amazing website where you can find hundreds of lost gems.

I ordered this past month three titles. Two of which I really love and own on DVD, one was a blind buy.

Motel Hell
Farmer Vincent kidnaps unsuspecting travelers and is burying them in his garden. Unfortunately for his victims, they are not dead. He feeds his victims to prepare them for his roadside stand. His motto is: It takes all kinds of make Farmer Vincents fritters.
  • This movie holds very close to my heart. This movie was a favorite of my mother's and I guess back in the early 1980's long before she had my sister and I, her and my dad would watch this movie along with many other awesome horror titles with my uncle when he was little. This movie is cheese at it's best but has a certain charm to it and a must see for all horror fans!
- 4 stars

A serial killer is terrorizing a small college town. When a student begins to have psychic visions of the killer with clues as to who he is, he gives this information to the police - only to find that he himself is suspected of committing the murders.
  • I think it's no hiding the fact that I adore Gremlins actor Zach Galligan. In the early to mid 1990's he was in a few lost gems, Psychic is one of them. A very will written movie with some pretty stylistic shots, this movie really could have been something if it wasn't for the poorly rushed ending. A great thriller that is very worth checking out!
  • 3 stars
    The Paperboy
    A paper-boy murders an old lady only to lure her family from the city out to the country. As each day passes the paper-boy tries to make friends with the family. Once the family sees what a sicko he is, they banish him from their life’s. Then the terror begins.
  • This was the blind buy from the site. I love early 90's thrillers about rotten evil children. I have yet to finish this movie since it's a bad slow. It's very laughable, but sorta okay. I honestly don't know when I'll be finishing it but ehh...
-1 star

So there you have it. Please do check out VHSPS' website for amazing movies and deals!!!

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