Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looper...a modern today western?

Did Looper remind anyone else of a western?


Okay here is my reasoning behind this. First we have many elements you would see in a western being told in futuristic time. We have the lone cowboy, who draws his weapon and pretty much stands as a one man duel to kill the enemy. The Loopers represent the cowboys. Sorta outlaws who work for a higher power in cold blood killing in which instead of being paid in cash, their given silver and gold. As a reward they go back to the club which is the modern day saloon where they run out of and watch the dancers and pay visits to the whores. Our lone cowboy is then chased and tracked down by his own men, one of which is called Kid Blue who draws a Gatmen gun from his holster and spins it like Doc Holiday or Johnny Ringo. Joe then goes to a farm in the middle of nowhere where he meets a tough shotgun toting woman and her little son who very quickly begins to look up to Joe and follow him around. A final shootout happens at the club/saloon, leaving one man standing. In the end after the final showdown our lone cowboy has to “leave” the woman and her boy and leaves the farm in every sense of the matter. Even the ending shot reminds me of a classic western. The woman kneeling down by the man who saved her family, paying her final respects.

I'm sure a lot of this was done on purpose since Rain Johnson is a genius, and there is probably at least a dozen other examples I missed which I would love to pick up on when I vi!ew the film again.

So there you have it, if anyone else noticed this or saw anything I missed please do tell. Looper in all honestly is one of the most brilliant movies I've seen in years and I recommend anyone to go and see it. Trust me it's worth it

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