Sunday, October 14, 2012

Horror Movie 8 Pack

Horror Movie 8 Pack

What's better than a six pack? 8 pack!

A few months ago I saw online that at your local Wallmarts in the 5$ bins they were selling a very impressive collection of lost out of print horror movie gems all in one package. Unlike a lot of the other horror collection disks they put together, one one actually sparked my interest.

Long and hard I searched for this DVD, even though I heard they were selling faster than hotcakes. I began to notice lots of blogger were grabbing them and giving them away, and they started being sold on Ebay and Amazon. Frustrated that I couldn't find one, I made it a mission to try and find one before having to order one on line. It seemed as though every time I went to Wallmart I was diving head first into those bins, tossing the same three DVD titles aside to dig towards the bottom.

Until finally...I found one!

This is a very awesome find, especially for a person like me. First off it has Waxwork on one of the disks and I think anyone who reads this blog or knows me, has a pretty good idea how much I adore this film. 

There's also 976 Evil 2 (a title I just found on VHS since it's been out of print for years), Ghoulies III (Yep, they go to college, and yes I remember in sculpting class having to shut it off while watching it online with a friend of mine the second the Ghoulies started talking.), The Unholy (great memories of watching the trailer to this before watching The Monster Squad on tape.), C.H.U.D II, Chopping Mall (anyone who has played the drinking game to this movie with me knows what it's like to feel like you had your face kicked in.), Slaughter High, and Class of 1999. 

I'm sure I'll be doing reviews for each film as I tackle each title one by one. At the moment I'm watching Class of 1999...a movie I think I watched once when I was younger.

Anywho this is a DVD set fans all over should have.

It's legit!

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