Monday, October 15, 2012

Class of 1999 review

Class Of 1999
Year - 1990
Directed by - Mark L. Lester
Starring – Bradley Gregg, Traci Lind, and Malcolm McDowell.

The first film I attacked in my Horror Movie 8 Pack was Class Of 1999...

PLOT – Robot teachers have been secretly placed in schools where students have run riot. The teachers appear to be the perfect tool used for this out of control generation, until they go too far...
LOWDOWN – I vaguely remember watching this movie years ago when I was much younger. The only scene I could really clearly remember was the one in the science lab where there's the gas explosion. Besides that, this was a forgotten gem in my mind. Shocking enough I've never seen Mark L. Lester's classic original Class of 1984, even though I've heard pretty amazing things. This is a balls to the walls sequel that really isn't a sequel. It follows the whole future like gang story with troubled youths going out of control, but it doesn't follow the original film's storyline at all. Believe it or not I sorta like sequels like this. They take the general idea but kick it up a notch and take the movie in a very different direction. This movie had a pretty good cast (Bradley Gregg who many may remember playing Philip from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors as the poor soul who was literary turned into a human puppet, and Traci Lind who many may remember from Fright Night II, and My Boyfriend's Back.) Along for the ride were some pretty heavy hitters in the business such as Malcolm McDowell, Stacy Keach, and Pam Grier. This movie had a pretty cool cheesy early 90's look for what they believed the future would look like in nine years, and some cringe worthy fashion choices. Can we also talk about the sparking scene? I never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life. This is B movie fun at it's greatest. The whole idea is pretty cool, but the outcome is less than impressive. The effects even for it's time are laughable and very low budget. The one liners are out of control, and so isn't the soundtrack. This is the kind of movie you would most likely enjoy after having a couple and maybe playing a drinking game with some friends. Still if you're looking for some cheesy sci-fi fun Class of 1999 is you're ticket!

Two Stars!

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