Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Epic Waxwork video...

Epic Waxwork video
A little part of me is dying on the inside over the fact I won't be able to make it to Blood On The Beach this year. I seriously found out about it less than a month ago so the timing was horrible. I'm more than a little upset since Zach Galligan will be there. I've had several chances to meet Zach but I always end up missing the chance. I think when I finally do meet him it's going to take an hour since I have so much shit for him to sign. As strange as it sounds I'm more of a fan of the Waxwork films then I am with the Gremlin movies. While screwing around on YouTube I stumbled upon this pretty sweet video based off Waxwork. This winter I'm getting a tattoo based off this movie. So here it is, the epic Waxwork video...woot wooot!

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