Monday, October 29, 2012

Best guilty pleasure movies of all time part 1

Best Guilty Pleasure Movies part 1
But Stacy...all you're movies are shitty.”
Why don't you go through Stacy's movie collection, she owns tons of shitty movies.”

To some people these words would hurt. To me I think it makes me even more awesome. I'll never forget being up at school and one of my roommates knew what a big Jaws fan I was and I told her that I forgot the original and how I had only brought part III. I remember her laughing thinking I was kidding...oh but I wasn't...

To some their horrible awful movies, to be their awesome kick ass guilty pleasure movies that to many seem down right awful, but to you brings nothing but happiness. Here is my first list of the best guilty pleasure movies of all time!

Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday

Amityville It's About Time

Pet Sematary II

Waxwork II

Jaws 3

The Howling The Freaks 
House II

House IV

Puppet Master II

Daddy's Girl

Uncle Sam

Fright Night II

Silent Night Deadly Night III

Silently Night Deadly Night 5

Killer Party

Children Of The Corn II

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