Friday, September 21, 2012

Top Five Worst Ways to Die In A Horror Movie Part 1

Top Five Worst Ways to Die In A Horror Movie
Part 1

I've seen thousands of people die in movies. Thousands upon thousands. Here is the start of what I'm sure will be a very continued blog post for many months to come. Here is the first top five of the most painful deaths in a horror movie. These deaths are what I believe are the most painful, stomach turning, and most horrible ways to meet your maker.

The Hitcher 
Tied between two trucks? Even though in the classic original the aftermath was never shown, just the look on C. Thomas Howell's face says it all. Poor Jennifer Jason Leigh is tied between two trucks both pulling in opposite directions. Talk about having a really bad day!

Prom Night II
Sure you can say it must have been a quick death, but nothing about those two lockers crushing together looked painless to me!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Not only does poor L.G's head get bashed in like a million times, he's then skinned and forced to come to seeing the girl he's been sweet on wearing his own face! He does have the best final line of all time “Ah...shit.”

This movie was the mecca of painful deaths. The worst though goes to the character of Dave. Hacked with a hatchet, he's dragged towards the meat cutter and right before our very eyes, we watch as his entire head is sawed in two. Worst headache e-v-e-r!

This entire film series is filled with awful deaths, the worst though has to be 'The Wrap” in which a poor screaming guy you twisted. Every time I hear one of those bones snap, a little part of me dies. Yuck...”

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