Thursday, September 20, 2012

House and Night Of Dark Shadows DVD/blu-ray release!

House and Night Of Dark Shadows DVD/blu-ray release this October!

Back in 2008 I picked up House and Night Of Dark Shadows via bootleg at a local convention. I had always been interested in the classic 1960's and 1970's soap opera, but knew that there were way too many episodes to truly be able to catch up and get into. + to make matters worse, the episodes were out of print besides being on tape at local video stores that had since been shut down for nearly ten or so years. Picking up these two titles, it wasn't until a few years later when I was away at school that I picked up the revamped show that was released in the early 90's and featured a very young Joseph Gordon Levitt. I knew that this remake of this show sadly lasted only one season, but pretty much summed up a lot of important parts for Dark Shadows fans. Wanting to get a little more background before watching the show, I popped in these two babies one night and can honestly say got creeped the fuck out.

I'm more of a fan of House VS. Night, but found these movies perfect movie adaptions to the ever so popular soap opera. In fact House is pretty much the first episode of the revamped series, but of course with much darker results. I adored Dan Curtis (Trilogy Of Terror, Burnt Offerings, ect) I love 1970's horror, and Mr. Curtis was the master. Somehow I felt caught up when I watched these two movies and loved how one film sorta dealt with  Barnabas Collins and the other with Angelique. House is one of my favorite 1970 horror movies, and I'll go so far to say it's even in my top five of favorite vampire movies of all time. What I loved about House was the fact it was brutal. For fans of the show, the shocking climax to this film was very unexpected and literary had me on the edge of my seat until the end. As soon as these babies come out I'll be sure to post reviews. I sadly have to admit I hated the new Dark Shadows movie that was made by Mr. Burton. I guess the main reason why I hated it so much was because it was too tongue n cheek. I believe if your going to make a movie off the show, make it dark. The really only good thing that came from that movie is the fact these two lost gems are finally getting released. I'm sure their going to look gorgeous in HD!  

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