Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review - The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour
Year - 1985
Director - Jack Bender
Starring - Lee Montgomery, Shari Belafonte, LeVar Burton

PLOT - A group of teenagers on Halloween in a small New England town accidentally rise zombies, witches, werewolf's, and ghouls. Unknown to them, most of them are heading to the party their all attending.

LOWDOWN- The Midnight Hour holds a very special place in my heart. When I was seven or eight my mother rented this tape from our local mom and pop video store. I remember being truly blown away by this movie (always being a lover of scary movies and Halloween, this movie had everything I loved about the holiday). I remember for the three days we had the movie me and my sister watched it at least five times. A few years later when that video store shut down I was crushed to learn the tape had been sold. For years me and my mother searched for this title, and since it was the mid to late 90's, and it was out of print...it made it close to impossible. Finally I found it online but was blown away by the asking price on Ebay. Over and over again we looked and looked until finally I gave up. Then back in 2010 when I was away at school my friend Kurtis who was a complete brain with Apple products owed me a favor so I asked him to download The Midnight Hour for me. I'll never forget, the guys all had something to do so I stayed behind in their apartment that October and relieved some very awesome childhood memories and was pretty impressed by for the time it was released, and being a made for TV movie how awesome it truly was. In fact even though it's dated (the dance scene) I find this movie honestly one of the best movies to watch around the Halloween season. It's a great starter for anyone who wants to get somebody or even their kids into horror. It's well written, has a charming setting, likeable characters, a great story, pretty cool makeup, a sweet love story, and what makes it most popular is the amazing soundtrack. I was lucky enough to find it on bootleg that same year and just a few weeks ago at HorrorHound I found it on VHS! Just re-watching it, I had more fun than I had ever watching a movie before. I love this movie, not only because it's the perfect Halloween movie, it's also a movie I loved and watched with my mother.

Five Stars!

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