Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bluray...worth it?

Horror on Bluray...worth it?

I'll be the first to admit, when DVDs first started coming out I couldn't help but laugh. In fact I'll never forget that commercial which I'm sure many remember of the close ups of all the people watching DVD for the first time and their over the top reactions. It took me until 2001 to finally breakdown and buy my first DVD which ended up being Sleepaway Camp. Now about ten years and 400 DVDs later, it's safe to say this new advance in technology warmed to my heart. Yet, I still collect and own VHS. I'm sorry but those babies are classic and still whenever I get the chance I go on hunts to collect more. Just lately I began to put out my feelers towards Bluray. At first I met it with the same reaction I did with DVDs. I thought it was just another way for these companies to make money (which of course they are) but after watching my sister's TV, I did happen to notice the difference between regular DVDs and Blurays, and I'll agree you really only do notice when you have the right TV hooked up to you're player. So after a new investment with a flat screen TV, I began to investigate the whole bluyray trend and see which titles are worth re-buying yet again.

My first Bluray purchase was the DVD/Bluray combo of Intruder which is 100% it for any Sam Raimi or horror fan. Shortly after I've bought Tho Shall Not Kill Except, Evil Dead II, and Aliens. The way I looked at is, re-buy movies that either have amazing special features only on Bluray, or you really love and know will look breathtaking with a new transfer. Sure I know I can't re-buy all my movies (at the rate I'm going I'll have four or five copies of the same movie and be broke!) yet you can't help it when you see all this new breathtaking cover art coming out. Certain movies literary look like moving pieces of art once you see how amazing it looks in HD. Even old classics such as Dark Night Of The Scarecrow looks amazing. So in the end I do have to say for the time being I am for Bluray, mostly with some classics that just need to be seen in this way. I'm sure I won't have a huge collection since I own about 200 VHS tapes still and slowly have began collecting Laser Disks (talk about a blast from the past!) but I can't help but smile knowing I own such titles as Gremlins 2, Jaws, and Cujo yet again, and get to see them seen the way they were supposed to be seen. Simply stunning.

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