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Top moments in horror that made me cry like a baby

Top moments in horror that made me cry like a baby

Yep, I'm that guy. I guess I'm just overly emotional. I cry at the weirdest shit in the world. It could just be the certain music cue, or just how a certain scene was filmed and I'm a blubbering mess. On the other hand you pop in Terms Of Endearment and I'm completely dry eyed through the whole thing. I'm one odd duck...

Here is a list of some of the oddest moments in horror that I've gotten misty eyed during...

Phantasm IV

I could honestly go on for hours about this film series. Most of all this movie. I'm sure in the future you'll see plenty of posts about them and my many odd theories about the Phantasm universe. The one moment that stands out the most to be is the last five minutes of the series. If you're ever looking for a full circle payoff for any series of films, this is it. A lot of people found the forth movie confusing and weird, I on the other hand found it beautiful. The ending is always viewed differently due to however you look at the movies, I see it as being very simple. Michael came to terms with death and finally woke up to reality. The last scene of Michael and Reggie when their younger riding off into the darkness is truly haunting, along with the simple and bitter sweet last lines “It's just the wind.”

Prom Night

I'm talking the original here with Jamie Lee Curtis, none of this Brittany Snow bullshit. I always found the last scene very tragic and sad. First I absolutely loved the disco soundtrack. Yep that's right, the same four songs playing over and over on a loop at the prom. I really loved the final show down between the masked killer and Kim and Nick. The truly haunting moment is when the killer is injured by Kim and locks eyes with her, only seeing a horrible realization come across her as she stares itno the killer's eyes. As the killer stumbles out with the young teenagers screaming in horror, police sires sound as we watch him have flashbacks to that faithful day when young Robin was teased and pushed accidentally out the factory window. The horrible chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!” echoes over the soundtrack before the killer drops and Kim rushes over. The identity is of the killer is revealed as Kim cradles him in her arms and his last lines are broken and hopeless, confessing why he committed the crimes that he did. As 'Fade To Black' plays I'm completely blubbering and a mess.

Psycho II

I'm a huge fan of this very underrated sequel. The one scene that really makes me truly emotional is when Norman believes his dead mother is running loose in his house and locks himself along with Mary in the guestroom until dawn. Together the two hold each other when Normal comments in a very sweet and innocent manner that Mary smells like the tested cheese sandwiches his mother used to make for him whenever he got sick. Here Normal talks about how his mother used to do all kinds of nice things for him before she went insane. Claiming that the doctors have taken all his good memories of her, he admits the only one he stills has is that distant memory of those sandwiches. I think this is the only time I would tear up at the thought of a woman smelling like a grilled cheese.

Pet Sematary II

I hate to admit this but I get more upset whenever an animal dies than a child (is it scary to think I work with children?) any who, Pet Sematary did make the list for one certain emotional moment, but the one that tops is has to be the guilty pleasure of a sequel. In fact I find this to honestly be the only real moment in the film that wasn't completely cheesy or over the top. This is the moment when that bastard Clancy Brown shoots his stepson's dog. Maybe it was the song that played, but whenever I see that chubby little kid sitting in the woods with his dying dog in his lap I just go to pieces. (Side Note...I couldn't help but using this photo above. I mean really wtf is this?)


Stephen King is honestly the master of scaring the life out of you and also making you want to jump off a bridge from utter depression. What can I say? I love the man. A few of his movies really did go deep and get pretty heavy hitting, but with Carrie I find it to be one of the worst. After the prom massacre Carrie returns home to take a bath and try to scrub herself clean from her 'sins' and mess of that bloody night. Walking out her insane mother almost in a trance confronts her and goes on like a mad woman about the night she was conceived. Here Carrie listens just like a small child as her mother opens her arms, for once acting like a loving and comforting parent. Here they decide to 'Pray for the last time'. The moment Carrie's mother plunges the knife into her daughter's back, and the look of utter shock and despair that comes across her scares eyes makes the sharp music cue even more effective.

An American Werewolf In London

Even though this really is a black comedy, the one moment that pulled on my heart strings was when poor Alex runs ahead of the police and is slowly approaching David in the dark alleyway. I guess it's the music that plays over the soundtrack + Alex's speech to the wolf about how she loves him. I honestly think the animal understood what she was saying (re-watch the movie again and look at it's eyes and expression when she says she loves him) and then the animal lunging itself at Alex before getting shot down dead. An American Werewolf In London's ending is pure perfection. I love the quick cut of David's naked body before the very fast paced version of 'Blue Moon' plays over the credits. I always found this ending very tragic but well suited for such a film.

Day Of The Dead

This is my all time favorite zombie movie, and the one scene that always gives me chills is when the three leads are escaping up the old missile silo and just as John begins to climb a zombie latches onto his foot, groaning and trying to pull him down. That's when McDermott shoots down and kills the zombie before looking at John and saying something along the lines of “Gotta fly us to the promise land!” Just the music cue when this happens and how the three of them continue climbing, just awesome.

Pet Sematary

Yep, this is the moment I was talking about. At the very end when Louis knows he's brought back a monster instead of his young son. Sitting in the hallway, he coaxes the evil toddler over to him while having memories of how his son was before he died. Just the look of pure horror and sadness of the father's face when he sticks the syringe in the baby's neck and how Gage let's out that terrible cry of pain. I'm sure for anybody who has children this scene is ten times worse. Heavy stuff...

The Gift

This is truly Sam Raimi's next masterpiece after Evil Dead II. The scene that always brings a tear to my eye is when Buddy saves Annie and tells her he escaped the mental hospital and now that he's free. Their little talk in the truck always makes me very sad, mostly with the big reveal after Annie goes to the police station.


One of my all time favorite scenes in a movie has to be the 'Show me' scene in Christine. Not only is is beautiful, it also gives me goosebumps. I just love how beaten down the lead character is. He's always getting shit on, and finally when he thought his life was coming it all fell apart. Just watching him stare at the shattered remains of his one true love is heartbreaking. I hate whenever he leans against the car almost hugging it completely alone and says “We'll make it all better...we'll show them.” It just goes to show how lost and alone this one kid is and how powerful the obsession of the car truly is.

The Hitcher

Without a shadow of a doubt, the original Hitcher is one of my all time favorite movies ever made. Everything about this movie is beautiful. I could make a whole list about my favorite shots/moments/and theories from this one film. The one moment that always brings somewhat of a tear to my eye is the very ending when Jim and John go face to face on the highway at sunrise. I always loved the soundtrack from this movie and how settle it was. Just the shot of Jim staring down at John and gently stroking his face with the shotgun before turning around. I love how John pops up, throwing the chains and laughing and just the expression on Jim's face before he whips around and fires the shotgun at John finally killing him. John got what he wanted in the end, he pushed Jim to the edge. I love how final that scene is and how silently Jim goes to the truck and lights a cigarette knowing the nightmare is over as the credits roll.

The Fog

This moment didn't exactly make me cry, but I always do get chills. It's the scene at the end when everything is all over and everyone steps out of the church and Andy the little boy points and says “Look! It's going away!” I always loved the final message Stevie gave at her radio station and the theme that played over the darkness of the ocean. Such a great movie with such a simple idea.

The Entity

This is truly one of the most disturbing movies I own. The one moment I always feel so crushed and devastated for a character is at the near end when our lead who's been through Hell and back is waiting for the next attack in the fake setup of her house. I love the speech she gives saying that it can do whatever it wants to her, even kill her...but it can't ever have her again. I always found it very powerful how she just got up and walked out alone, ignoring the help and even the handsome young doctor. I loved how she faced her fears despite the fact the horrible problem hadn't gone away. Talk about strength!


This brilliant movie has now sadly blended in with all these stupid sequels that were cranked out one after another. Putting all that aside, I must stress how much I love the ending to the original and first Saw. I honestly believe and have said this many times, if they had only made the first one it would have gone down as one of the best thrillers since Se7en. The scene that makes me the most emotional is what many fans like to call the 'love scene' this is when at the very end Adam and Dr. Gordon are able to crawl to the floor to each other. Both are bleeding and in pain and try to give each other a little comfort. I always get chills when Dr. Gordon tells Adam if he doesn't get help he'll bleed to death and that he promises he'll come back. If you watch the other movies you'll know why this is so sad. Poor Leigh Whannell...


The scene that always gets to me is when Helen crawls out from the burning mountain of trash, clutching the infant and bringing him to his mother. Just seeing what pure Hell Helen went through and how nobody believed her. I hate how badly burned and in pain she is and how everyone watches in stunned silence. Then her funeral in which her asshole of a husband brings his lover to and how all the people of those apartment buildings come to pay their respects, throwing the hook down against her coffin. Very sad and very tragic.

Bubba Ho-Tep

This movie has grown on me over the years and I find it to really be a truly amazing movie (I mean come on now, it's from the same director as Phantasm) I always get misty eyed at the very end when Elvis is laying down dying looking at the stars and sees the 'All is well' message. If you're an Elvis fan like me you can't help but choke up.


Words can't express how much I love this movie. Maybe it's because I love John Cusack. Any who, I always cry a little when Cusack's character realizes what's truly going on and snaps out of it going back to the motel. I love the shot of him standing there with his hands out feeling the rain and slowly going back. I always loved the shot of him grabbing Paris and whispering in her ear “Stay here Paris...stay here.” After the big shootout one of my all time favorite lines from a movie is spoken here. In fact one day as odd as this sounds, I would love to get it tattooed on me. It's when Cusack is laying in the rain and Paris leans over him sobbing asking where he went and what he saw. There he stares up and her and says “I saw...I saw you in and Orange Grove.”

The Dead Zone

Ever want to know what it's like to be kicked in the face? Watch this movie. It seriously hits you when you're all ready down. The scene that really killed me was when Johnny's old love comes to his door when he's with a student with her new husband. Just the music and how Johnny tries his hardest to put on a strong face before shutting the door. I love how the student asks what's wrong and how Johnny just grabs and hugs him, looking for any human comfort.


Stephen King strikes yet again! I believe it or not enjoy the film Firestarter much more than the novel. I think a big part of this had to do with the acting and the theme. As cheesy as this sounds and I've brought up the ending to this movie many times, I always get a little emotional during the ending scene when Charlie is finally brought to the press to tell her story. You sorta know things aren't going to turn out good for her (forget the shit sequel) but I always love her telling her father she's finally doing it before walking inside.

The Exorcist III

Back when horror was elegant and beautiful, The original Exorcist was a prime example of this. There's so many sad moments in that movie but I think the last fifteen minutes truly is what made it. In part III (Which I believe is one of the best thriller's ever made) the very ending scene always makes me cry. First off there's all this brilliant buildup (such as the scene where the nurse explains how the patient only used that certain voice once before) or when the patient explains how old he was when he died. This is a haunting movie with an even more bitter sweet tragic ending. I love the ending lines in the cell after all the madness has stopped. “Bill now! Shoot me now!” and “We won free me” If you ever want to listen to a beautiful soundtrack, listen to the ending music of this movie.

Wow I'm a baby...where's the tissues. Next thing you'll know I'll be crying over Jason wearing his hockey mask in one of the Friday The 13th's. I mean I'm all ready thinking about Manhunter and how there's like ten million scenes in that one movie alone that could have made this list. I'm so out of control it isn't even funny!
Well I'm sure I'm going to think of ten million more movies that make me very emotional so stay tune for a part 2!

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