Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review - Psychic 1992

Review -

Director - George Mihalka

Plot - A serial killer is terrorizing a small college town. When a student begins to have psychic visions of the killer with clues as to who he is, he gives this information to the police - only to find that he himself is suspected of committing the murders.

The Low Down – After rediscovering Waxwork, which has now became a new favorite of time. I have also rediscovered actor Zach Galligan. I'm the sort of person that if I notice an actor or actress I need to try and research if they have been in any other horror or thriller films to add to my collection. Zach back in the 1980's to mid 1990's had a pretty steady career. Not only was he in the Gremlins and Waxwork movies, he was also in a few very underrated movies that flew very low under the radar. I noticed Psychic was on his resume on the IMDB and looked up the trailer to this. I have a soft spot for early 90's thrillers and this movie looked pretty legit. After finding it through a friend of mine. I was able t collect the movie on tape and look into it myself. Earlier this year while VHS shopping up in NH I saw this video several times and even picked it up but never bothered to buy it. Last week I popped it in finally and sadly was very disappointed. This movie very so much potential but ended up just disappearing with all the other straight to video titles that were cranked out that decade. It breaks my heart.

My Thoughts – I love movies about people with psychic abilities such as The Dead Zone, and The Gift. I have always found this sort of thing interesting and can make for a great storyline if done the right way. With Psychic, I feel as though if they had maybe just taken a little more time on the screenplay and direction, it could have turned out to be a pretty decent movie. George Mihalka was the man responsible for one of my all time favorite holiday slashers My Bloody Valentine. This man rocked in making that movie. I know what sort of movie he was going for with this one, but it sadly just didn't seem to work. I feel if they had gone a little more dramatic and maybe focused less on trying to frame the main character, it would have turned out to be a really cool movie. There are certain scenes that try to capture what I feel the movie was trying to be. Such as when Patrick goes to the scene of the crime and feels the ground where one of the girl's were murdered and has his vision, or the opening vision/dream scene. I think they could have made the Patrick character could have been the next Christopher Walken via The Dead Zone. Nothing pulls at my heart than some tragic character you feel sorry for that tries to use their gift to help others. The acting wasn't exactly great (sorry Zach) and I feel they went in the completely wrong direction with the ending. I don't even care if I spoil this, but the person who ended up being the killer was so obvious it wasn't even funny. In fact for the whole movie I kept expecting them to pull a twist that seems a tad overdone now a days, but I feel back in 1992 would have been pretty cutting edge. In fact I waited for this twist to be revealed right up until the end when they started to roll the credits. Safe to say I was beyond disappointed. The ending was very rushed and way too over the top. The ending lines made me cringe and had me shaking my head. I feel if they had gone a little more serious and darker, this could have been a brilliant movie. I'm sure if I ever do get to meet Zach I'll have him autograph this tape as well, but for others I just have to say it's really not worth checking out unless you're a fan of his. Catherine Mary Stewart who I adored in Night Of The Comet does a terrible job in this. So really unless your a hardcore fan I would say don't even waste your time. It's a slow paced let down of a thriller that had me left hanging and wanting much more.

Two stars

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