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Most underrated hidden gems of horror

Most underrated hidden gems of horror

I truly like to believe that over the years I have discovered and rediscovered some very amazing gems hidden away through the years movie wise. Here is a short list of some of my personal favorites that I believe are very underrated and often forgotten. Here is a list of some very amazing, awesome,and fun underrated and often forgotten films...

Amityville 1992 It's About Time
The Amityville movies honestly go either way with me. Some were good, some were bad...and most were ugly. I would say my favorites in the series are part one, two, Next Generation, and this one. From the director of Hellbound Hellrasier II, this movie honestly is one of the most underrated sequels of all time. A creepy twist on the whole haunted house story, this time with a cursed clock. Very impressive for being a early 90's movie with a very clever ending. 

The Horror House aka House III
I owned this movie for a couple of years and honestly never really had any interest to check it out (why is beyond me) I loved the first movie, and found the second amusing, but even though I got two uncut bootlegs of the third and forth, both sat collecting dust for many years. Finally away at school, me and a couple of my roommates got a "little" messed up and decided to pop it in. I was very impressed and stunned I haven't given this movie a chance. Very close to the vibes of Shocker, House III has nothing to do with the previous films and takes a very different direction that works. Some great scenes in this movie and a must see for fans all over!

 Just last month I was staying over a friend's house and decided to check out their Fear-Net on-demand and noticed Waxwork in their list of free movies. Vaguely remembering this title from my childhood I decided to re-watch it and all I have to say is HOLY FUCK. This movie was completely my kind of thing. Very ahead of it's time with a clever storyline, great gory moments, and of course the ever so handsome Zach Galligan. I re-fell in love with this movie all over again. In fact I would go so far to say it's now in my top ten favorite horror movies of all time. (It's sequel Waxwork II Lost In Time...well that's a different story...)
 There are many underrated slashers in the 1980's. This hidden gem is one of my new favorites. Hardly anyone besides hardcore fans remember it, but trust me it's very worth checking out. It has it all. A creepy setting, a great storyline, amazing gore by effects artist Ed French (who is also from Boston) and a great cameo from Ted Raimi!

Bloody Birthday
 I love holiday themed slashers. Some of the most fun aren't your typical ones, such as the most exciting day of the whole year...yep that's right...YOUR BIRTHDAY! I feel it's a must to watch Happy Birthday To Me and this title every year around the time whenever it marks the anniversary of you coming into this world. A very creepy movie featuring some killer kids, marks a very interesting plot in a small town. If your looking for a nice unsettling story about some really fucked up kids, watch this. You'll never look at birthday cake the same way again!

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 3
 I'm a huge fan of the original Silent Night slasher, and bow my head down in shame over the sequel, but was really excited when I found part 3 and 4 while VHS hunting early this year. I remember always seeing the cover to this movie as a kid while renting videos and always thought it looked interesting. This year I find it safe to say that part 3 and 5 are my new favorites. Their so weird and amazing they work. Part 3 is believe it or not a very simple story that works. Looks like I have a new favorite to watch around the holidays!

 The love I have for this movie is insane. The memories I hold watching it are very close and dear to my heart. If you ever wanted to watch a very original movie that has a blend of everything, check Popcorn out. I was blown away by how well made it was and how dark the ending was. Looking forward to seeing it come out on DVD! By far one of the most underrated but now is finally getting it's time to shine!

 I was shown this movie by a friend who was trying to show me the weirdest grossest movies from the 80's ever. This gem believe it or not was VERY well made. I was honestly on the edge of my seat the whole viewing and couldn't believe that for a sorta low budget movie how insane the effects were. If your ever looking for a gross out movie with a very long 80's band montage, this is your movie!
 My favorite 'Dead' movie has to be Day Of The Dead. I adore that movie and most of all I adore Cpt. Rhodes. The biggest asshole in horror history. Researching some of his earlier movies with the same dead crew in the Pittsburgh crew, I stumbled upon the biggest lost gem of them all. Visiting some of the locations when I was away at school in that area, I have to say as weird as this movie is, the plot is very well written and the ending twist is very unsettling. Very well made and a must see for horror fans.

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