Sunday, July 29, 2012

Waxwork II Lost In Time - Review

Waxwork II Lost In Time (1992)

PLOT -The waxwork from the original film has now burnt down with all the monsters inside. Mark and Sara escape but unfortunately for them a severed hand crawled out of the flames shortly before everything burned down to the ground. Shaken by what happened, Sara goes home only to witness her stepfather brutally murdered by the stalking hand and then becomes convicted for his death. Trying his hardest to prove she's innocent, Mark returns to Sir Wilfred's house for answers only to discover a time traveling compass that transports them to several different horror filled worlds.

LOW DOWN – Just last week I re-discovered the 1988 very underrated horror classic Waxwork. Falling in love with the fun of this movie I decided to give the sequel a try and bought it for very cheap off Amazon as a double feature with the original. Anthony Hickox returns to the director chair, clearly establishing his style and trying to bring things to a whole new level with this continued story. Zach Galligan also returns as our leading hero Mark, but sadly Deborah Foreman did not return as Sara, making way for new actress Monika Schnarre who is very pretty but doesn't give the magic Deborah did in the previous movie. This movie deals with time travel versus the whole waxwork display thing. It's both a positive and a negative for this movie. I could tell Mr. Hickox was trying for something very original here and if this movie had been successful who knows how many more films would have been made to show Mark and Sara's adventures. This movie had NOTHING to do with wax, it was mostly time travel and following these two characters into even stranger places while still paying tribute to some really awesome movies. I feel it didn't capture the magic the original did with all the different stories and worlds we're taken to, but still it was a very original idea and was acutely very well written. I think Hickox wanted to make a movie about time travel and decided to just tack it onto the Waxwork series. This movie was even known for a while as simply Lost In Time trying to make it a standalone film. Now trust me, this movie took a very odd direction but still had plenty of charm. The soundtrack/score really made a lot of the scenes, as did the comical adventure like elements and some pretty awesome cameos such as Bruce Campbell, and believe it or not Drew Barrymore. Yes the movie dragged at parts, and did seem a little scattered and all over the place, but I think it was the characters and the cool direction that kept this from being a complete train wreck. I also sorta didn't understand the ending, but I believe that what they were going for was to leave it open ended for a part three. Sadly it never happened. Waxwork II is a fun movie, not as good as the original but still a very good time and worth checking out!

Three stars!

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