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Top 8 summer slashers!

 Top 8 summer slashers!

With summer in full swing, what better way to celebrate than to stay indoors with the A.C cranking, and a pile of fun summer themed slashers to watch. Here I countdown eight of the best slashers to watch this summer!

8). Humongous
- A wealthy young spinster who lives on a private island is violently raped during a family party one weekend during the 1940's. It appears this attack resulted in a pregnancy, in which the woman had the baby who was tragically deformed. Becoming isolated by the outside world, she raised her child there alone for many years. It isn't until forty or so years later that a group of teens looking to party accidentally crash onto the shores of this island, where they find the horrifying truth that there's a giant insane monster living on this island, looking for warm flesh and blood.

7). Prom Night
- Four young children playing an innocent game accidentally cause the death of another child. Vowing never to speak of this again, they go on living normal happy carefree lives, unaware that somebody that day witnessed what happened. Years later, the children are now teens, all getting ready for senior prom. Here an unseen killer begins stalking them one by one, looking for revenge over what happened all those years ago...

6). House On Sorority Row
- A group of sorority sisters having just graduated, plan on throwing a huge party at their sorority house against their strict house mother's rules. Deciding to get even with what a hard time she's giving them all, they decide to pull a prank on her the day of the party. Unlucky for them, the prank gets out of hand, and the house mother accidentally dies. In a complete panic, the girls decide to hide the body when guests start showing up for the party. Here somebody from the den mother's past has witnessed the accident and begins murdering the sorority sisters one by one.

5). The Burning
- A group of campers play a prank on the camp's groundskeeper one night, resulting in him getting horribly burned. Five years later, he's finally been released, but is burned over 90% of his body. Wanting revenge, he travels to a camp in upstate New York and begins to slaughter the campers and councilors one by one.

4). Twisted Nightmare
- Many years ago, a mentally retarded teenager mysteriously died up at a camp called Camp Paradise. His older sister, left devastated. Years later, a huge group of teens who witnessed the death, are all invited back up to Camp Paradise for a weekend of parting. The gang all gets back together for the first time since the tragedy, excited for some carefree fun. Here, an angry vengeful unstoppable spirit has risen from the dead, and begins murdering off the teens. 

3). Graduation Day

- A young girl competing in a track meet suffers from a fatal heart attack, leaving the entire school stunned. A month later, the girl's older sister returns to attend the high school's graduation where they will be paying tribute to her late sister. Here a killer begins murdering off every member of the track team in the days leading up to the graduation. 

2). I Know What You Did Last Summer
- Four teenagers ready to start their life's after high school have everything fall apart on the 4th of July when they accidentally hit a man walking across the street. In a panic over ruining their lives, they decide to throw the body in the ocean, and vow to never speak of what happened again. One year later, one of the girls return back to her hometown, after a very tough year at college, riddled with guilt over that night. When she returns, she sees her other three friends are basically the same, having never quite moved on from what happened. It's here that she receives a note with no return address that reads...I know what you did last summer.

1) Friday the 13th part 1-5
- Killings all taking place around the Crystal Lake area. These slashers have the best summer feel, having either taken place at an actual summer camp, counselor training camp, teens vacationing at a cabin, and a halfway house for troubled teens. All five entries feature gory, amazing deaths, as well as unstoppable killers.

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