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Perfect 7 made for TV tales of terror by Stephen King.

Perfect 7 made for TV tales of terror by Stephen King.
"I'm gonna scare the hell out of you!" - Stephen King.

Hello all! Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted for Sensational Summer. Planning big things for the remainder of our celebration, including hopefully another giveaway/contest! There are lots to talk about, but today I decided to post about something very near and dear to my heart.

Mr. Stephen King.

Today we're narrowing down his five best pieces of work for the smaller screen. Here are my personal favorite choices for King's best television work!

7) The Twilight Zone - Gramma
- A single mother has to leave her youngest son at home one autumn evening while her eldest got injured playing sports. Here the boy is left in charge of his grandmother who he's terrified of, and is bed bound. Left alone, his thoughts start running away on him. He begins to remember overhearing stories of his mother speaking to her siblings late one night when she decided to move back home and  take care of her. Stories that her mother practiced witchcraft after she was unable to have children. Stories of how her grandmother possesses a terrifying power, which could be deadly.

6) The Langoliers
- A group of strangers all board a red-eye flight out for Boston. When the group wakes up, they discover that all of the rest of the passengers are missing. In a panic, they land at a private airport in Maine, only to discover that the entire place is abandoned, and everything is slightly "off". There's no wind, the food inside the airport is stale, and there aren't any birds chirping outside. That's when they discover that the plane they were on had flown through a time-rip, resulting in them getting stuck in the past. Here they learn monsters, made nearly entirely out of teeth chomp and eat the past called langoliers. The only reason they survived the time rip and didn't fade out of existence is the fact that all of them were asleep. Trying to figure out a way to fly through the time trip and leave this frozen time loop they are stuck in, before the langoliers come and eat everything up.

5) IT
An alien being living on earth terrorizes a small town up in Maine during the 1950's, taking shape of whatever it wants while murdering young children, choosing it's favorite form...a clown. One summer a group of outcast kids decide to fight back and stop it. After they believe they defeated it, they vow if it isn't dead, they will return again. Nearly thirty years later the murders in the town start again, and the only child who stayed behind keeps true to his promise, tracking down the rest of the group who have gone on to live very successful lives and states a simple sentence every time they pick up the phone. "It's back."

4) Rose Red
- Loosely based off the Winchester Mystery Mansion, King brings up the ultimate haunted house movie on the West Coast. Here this massive house with over 260 plus rooms, has a lengthly history behind it which involves countless "accidents" resulting in deaths, as well as disappearances. Once the house is shut down from the public in the 1970's, the spirits within it lay dormant for decades...that is until a professor and several psychics spend Memorial Day Weekend there trying to awaken it and prove once and for all that it is indeed haunted.

3) A Good Marriage 
Darcy and Bob Anderson have been married for twenty-five wonderful years. They work great careers, live in a beautiful home, have two grown children, and are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together...until one weekend while Bob is away on a business trip, Darcy discovers the horrifying truth that Bob is actually a serial murderer/rapist and he's been committing these acts for decades. When she confronts him, he lays everything out quite simple. If the truth gets out he'll drag her down with him. Not only will it ruin their lives, but their children's as well. Here he vows to never act on his impulses ever long as she remains married to him. Can Darcy do this? can Bob keep his promise? Only time will tell...

2) The Stand 
A deadly virus wipes out nearly 90% of the earth's population, leaving a small group of survivors spread out across America. Here the survivors are split into two groups. Good, and evil. The good all share dreams of an old woman named Mother Abigail, from Nebraska, urging them all to join up and fight together. The evil all flock to Vegas, led by a man named Randel Flagg...the son of the devil. Here these groups go head to head in the ultimate battle of last man standing.

1) Gerald's Game
A middle aged couple heads up to their vacation home to try and put the "spark" back in their marriage. Here the two decide to play a sex game, by the wife getting handcuffed to the bed. Unlucky for her, the husband suffers a fatal heart attack while on top of her. Here, she sits handcuffed and trapped, completely alone, and miles away from help. In a panic, she begins to think of how to free herself and survive as the cabin door's swing open, letting in a wild dog who begins to feed on her husband's corpse. Trying to figure out how to survive, she begins to remember haunted memories of her childhood. As she slips in and out of it, she notices in the shadows what appears to be a man...hidden from the moonlight.

So, which ones am I missing?
Also very excited for Castle Rock! Stay tuned for my breakdown of my favorite stories written by King based out of that town!

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