Saturday, November 11, 2017

Perfect movies to get you into the Thanksgiving state of mind.

Perfect movies to get you into the Thanksgiving state of mind.

Ah November. One of my personal favorite months. It's seriously one of the perfect times of year. We're smack dab in the middle between two great holidays, the leafs for the most part are still beautiful, there's a crisp chill in the air, Galligangiving is nearing, oh yes, and Thanksgiving aka the perfect excuse to stuff yourself and get wasted without any judgement. In order to get into this wonderful holiday spirit, here are several films I feel perfectly capture November and the Thanksgiving state of mind.

Blood Rage
- On Thanksgiving night a young man finds the perfect excuse to go on a bloody rampage all over the condo complex he lives at with his mother when his twin brother escapes from the mental hospital he's been locked at for the past ten years.

- A night crew at a supermarket learn that the store is closing soon and they have to spend the night marking everything half off. Here an unseen killer begins picking them off one by one in brutal gory ways.

- A college student stays on campus durning the Thanksgiving holiday weekend completely alone. Here she's targeted by a group of psychopaths who target young women and upload the murders onto the internet.

- A young college student with the gift of second sight tries to find a killer who's targeting young co-eds at his school.

Casino Royal
- A new re-boot of the James Bond series where James enters a high stakes poker game trying to take over a man who funds terrorist. 

- A young farm girl goes to California for college and meets a zany friend who makes her come out of her shell. When she brings him along for the Thanksgiving holiday, she uses him as an "out" for an unwanted engagement from her boyfriend. Here the two need to play off the lie that they are engaged while the small farming town tries to get used to this flashy bright new character who's visiting. 

Indian Summer
- A group of middle aged adults all return to a summer camp they attended as children back in the late 1960's. Here the friends spend a weekend re-conecting and discovering old past flames.

Happy holidays everyone!

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