Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Top beach themed horror movies!

 Top beach themed horror movies!
In keeping with this week's theme of beach themed terror, here are some of the top horror movies that center around cool waves, hot sand, and blood...lots and lots of BLOOD!

- One summer on Amity Island, the residents are terrorized by a giant man easting shark that's killed several locals shortly before the 4th of July weekend. It's up to the island's sheriff, a scientist, and a crazed fisherman to track down this beast before it's too late.

Blood Beach
- One warm summer, several people have either disappeared or have been found brutally mutilated on the sandy beaches off the coast. The strange thing is...whatever is attacking these people isn't coming from the water. It's coming from beneath the sand! 

- When a batch of mean eating piranha are accidentally drained into Lost River lake, a scientist, a private investigator, and a local drunk have to float down river on a raft trying to warn anyone who tragically goes into the water. Along the way several people are eaten alive, including campers and councilors from a small summer camp, as well as customers who are attending the grand opening of the lake's brand new amusement park.

The Shallows
- A young med student away on vacation decides to surf at a beach where her late mother one swam at years ago. Completely alone, she's attacked by a giant shark, only to be stranded on a small piece of coral reef. Injured, and the tide slowly rising, she needs to think fast before becoming lunch.

- A group of American tourist are invited to what seems like the perfect beach where the possibilities are endless. It isn't until some of their friends go missing that they discover the horrible truth behind this so called "paradise."

Summer Girl
- A deeply disturbed young woman is hired by a married couple who are renting a beach house one summer with their two young children. Here the girl slowly worms her way into their life's, making the wife slowly go insane. 

Jaws 2
- Several years after the first film, ANOTHER man eating shark is attacking locals off Amity Island. Now alone, the sheriff yet again has to prove to everyone that he isn't crazy, and that this shit show is happening yet again. Here a large group of teenagers sailing are stranded as the shark circles around them, ready to strike.

Great White
- It's up to one man to save a local resort after a massive great white shark begins brutally killing people who are unlucky enough to venture into the surrounding waters.

The Nest
- A small island is overcome with mean eating roaches that have been made to be nearly impossible to be killed, and have the ability to transform into whatever it's just eaten. With time running out, and nowhere to go, it's up to a small group of people from letting these killer bugs leave the island. Here they need to find the nest, where the queen is.

The Mutilator 
- A deeply disturbed man seeks revenge on his son who accidentally shot and killed his mother years ago. Inviting him and his college friends to spend the weekend at his beach house, he hides in the shadows, picking them off one by one in some of the most brutal, and bloody ways possible.

So remember to put on sun tan lotion and beware of sharks!!!

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