Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer School drinking game.

 Summer School drinking game.

With Sensational Summer all ready underway, what better way to celebrate than to crack open a few cold ones and watch the ultimate summer classic Summer School. In honor of this legendary beach film (which is 30 years old if you can believe it?!) I decided to whip up a little drinking game for all you fellow Shoop students out there that wanna catch a cool buzz, and some warm rays. 

Drink when...
- The beach is shown.
- A song plays.
- Someone is sitting at a desk.
- Shoop asks Robin out.
- Chainsaw and Dave mention a horror movie.
- Larry is shown sleeping.
-  Shoop takes the kids on a field trip.
- Someone swears.
-  Someone screams.
-  Wondermutt barks.
-  A grade is mentioned.
- Chainsaw mentions Leatherface. 

Take a shot when...
- Shoop is shown eating. 
- A firework goes off.
- A fish dies.

Waterfall when...
-  Chainsaw screams.
-  A rollercoaster is shown.
- An actual chainsaw is heard.

Drink up and enjoy!!!

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