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10 reasons why Slumber Party Massacre 2 rocks!!!

 10 reasons why Slumber Party Massacre rocks!!!

This past weekend I celebrated like it was 1987 and dug into Shout Factory's awesome double feature release of Slumber Party Massacre II and III. A few years back Shout released the original slasher on stunning blu-ray, and we all knew it was just a matter of time before the cheesy sequels would follow. I myself love the original, and own part II on VHS having seen it just once, being pretty puzzled at the new direction the series had gone in. It wasn't until I re-watched it now in stunning HD that I have now discovered that I actually really like this odd ball sequel as well as the much darker part III was. So here are ten reasons why I believe part II rocks!!!

1) Continuing with the character of Courtney.
- I LOVE the original Slumber Party Massacre, so I really loved how they continued the story of sisters Courtney and Valerie who took down the original driller killer. Valerie sadly never recovered from that tragic night and is now in a mental hospital. Courtney on the other hand is no longer the sassy 12 year old she once was. Now she's a shy, but beautiful teenager who's trying to move on from what happened and start a normal life. I loved the actress who played Courtney in this one with her adorable little accent, and big brown eyes. For a mostly all female cast, this movie had some great actresses in this one.

2) The late 80's LA vibe.
- This movie perfectly captures the late 1980's valley girl/beach vibe that was happening towards the end of the decade. Certain movies I just watch and think they are great examples of showing LA at during that time, or at least the nicer parts. Thrashin', Valley Girl, Summer School, and yes Slumber Party Massacre II. This movie was full of bright colors, cute guys, flashy beautiful girls, and great locations. This movie is like the pop version of slashers and I loved every strange and unusual second of it.

3) The black comedy 
- This movie did what Tobe Hooper did with Texas Chainsaw Massacre II. They went in the complete opposite direction vibe wise, yet still stayed to the same overall plot. A bunch of half naked girls get stalked by a killer with a drill. Bang. Still, instead of being a straight up slasher, this movie decided to go for laughs with it's very surreal and silly dream scenes, and over the top moments. I mean really, there's a scene where a frozen headless chicken attacks a girl and leaks puss everywhere. Or a girl is about to bite into a burger only to see a bloody hand there instead. As crazy as the storytelling is in this movie, this film knows exactly what it is and just has fun with it. I mean even the murder scenes are zany and over the top. They sorta pull away from this with part III and oddly this works for this movie.

4) Tokyo Convertible 
- I would say the #1 thing I love about this movie is the amazing soundtrack. There seriously isn't one song featured that I didn't like. I know it's only a matter of time before it's released on vinyl. One of the best songs/scenes is when Courtney is picked up by her friend and the song Tokyo Convertible plays on the radio. I absolutely love this scene and how adorable the girls look snapping their fingers and singing along to this very catchy song. Ah the 80's, they didn't make music like they used to!

5) The all girl rock band.
- The actresses in this move sing really catchy awesome rock/pop songs by the band Wednesday Week. I loved these songs and really dug the idea of all these teens being in a band. We are so used to see dudes in bands, this time the tables are turned and we see some beautiful ladies rocking out and completely kicking ass!

6) The awesome dream scenes.
- One of my favorite scenes has to be Courtney's dream shortly after she goes to bed after hanging up on Matt for the night. Between the music, the slow motion shot of her seeing her friends in the car, then the quick flashes of Matt, and then the killer, and finally her sister warning her not to go all the way. As crazy as it is, I loved these moments showing how on the edge of losing it Courtney is. Are these just dreams? Suppressed feelings? Memories? Or maybe a warning...

7) The SEXY killer.
- Excuse me, I might need a moment alone. I loved the sexy rockabilly maniac from this film. Is he part of Courtney's mind, or an actual driller killer coming to slaughter everyone? Played by the handsome Atanas Litch, this man I'm sure was the sexual awakening for many girls that watched this movie. Man, oh man. I loved the way he would wiggle his tongue, talk in song lyrics, thrust around in those leather pants, and sing and dance before completely killing everyone in the room.What can I say? I have a type...

8) The drill guitar.
- Why not have fun with the killer's weapon of choice. Since he's a killer singer, why not have the drill built into his guitar. I absolutely love the poster of the beautiful girls all in their bars and panties, and the killer looming over them holding his drill guitar. My oh my...

9) The giant exploding zit.
- One of the most memorable moments from this movie is the scene where Sally is in the bathroom with Courtney who has been having strange visions all day. Sally is talking about how horrible her skin has been and how she has this huge zit coming in. That's when Courtney looks, and hands down one of the best effects are shown where Sally's face has completely half transformed into a disgusting oozing, pushing exploding zit that sprays all over Courtney. 

10) The ending. 
- After a very over the top ending, and here's a spoiler kids, after the killer has been burnt to death, and it's the following morning and the police have arrived, poor Courtney stands watching her best friend's body get taken away. When she looks, lifting the sheet, her friend's eyes open and she comes alive beginning to laugh like the killer. The scene fades in on Courtney, the morning after sleeping with Matt. It seems as if it's all been a dream. Then suddenly she turns over only to discover that the killer is in bed with her instead of Matt. Completely snapping, she wakes up and finds herself instead of her sister in the mental hospital. There a giant drill comes through the ground and credits. Even though this is a silly over the top slasher, the ending is really decent. Did it really all happen? Was it all in Courtney's head? Did she snap? In my eyes I think the entire movie was in Courtney's mind who like her sister, went insane after the first movie and thought the whole thing up. Still, really solid ending, and love the miniature scene with the huge drill coming in through the floor!

So in closing so get the epic double feature of Slumber Party Massacre II & III on blu-ray thanks to Shout Factory today!!!

And remember...don't...go...all...the...way...

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