Saturday, December 3, 2016

Killer stocking stuffers!!!

 Killer stocking stuffers!!!
Tis' the season to do TONS of last minute shopping, bracing the crowds, and hating SO much life. I know we're just a few days into December, but the countdown is on for shopping for the holidays, as is finding the perfect gift for that special someone. (Aka yourself, come on people...treat yo self!) Any who, thanks to the 21st century, we don't even need to leave the comfort of our houses to brace the weather and insane amount of asshole drivers and people out there. Instead we can shop online from our favorite sites for awesome truly unique presents. Here is a list of my favorite companies and great gift ideas for all!

1) London 1888
- My good friend Chris Ott's company London 1888 is by far one of the coolest companies in the horror community. Between his prints, hoodies, T-shirts, stickers, and pins this guy is on his A game with every new release. I own several prints of his which now are framed and hang proudly in my house!

- The adorable crew of VHSPS have always been the #1 booth I run to whenever I attend a convention they are vending at. These guys do top of the line releases with old school movies you can't get on DVD or blu-ray yet. With catchy menus, wonderful service, and titles that are beyond impossible to find else where, VHSPS is a great place to buy for any movie lover out there. I still can't thank these guys enough for releasing Dangerously Close years ago before it hit blu-ray!

3) Cavitycolors 
-  Great colorful fun T-shirts, artwork, pins, stickers, and much much more, Cavity Colors features eye catching pieces that are legit eye candy for any horror or creature fan out there. Getting a cavity has never been more fun! These guys not only released the amazing Large Marge shirts, but an epic Ghoulie release this past summer. Now I just gotta cross my fingers for a Ghoulies II release!!!

4) IBTrav Artworks
- My friend Travis is by far the best artist out there right now. A few years back I met Travis through IG and instantly fell in love with his STUNNING artwork but his love for amazing movies. Travis has not only done a self portrait of yours truly, but one of Zach Galligan from Waxwork II AND my personal favorite "The Career Of Damon Martin." art series which features beautiful pieces of 80's actor Damon Martin through the various roles he appeared in during the 80's and 90's. Contact Travis for amazing artwork and check out his store for phone cases, bedding, bags, mugs, and much much more!

5) Atomic Cotton 
- The adorable couple of Erica and Zack from Atomic Cotton has always brought a smile to my face by the awesome T-shirts they have released over the years. I mean really? Where else will you find a Society shirt?! These guys are beyond awesome, and keep cranking out more amazing artwork featured on their shirts!

6) Amity Antiques
- My own personal company with my friend Jeanette Milo. Here you can order custom horror coffins, artwork, magnets, coasters, and one of a kind pieces for any horror collector. Contact me thru here or Facebook (Stacy Still) for killer deals on very cool stuff!

7) Theater Of Creeps
- My good friend and talented tattoo artist Shane Murphy has one of the best pin companies around. Theater Of Creeps features AMAZING horror themed pins and artwork. My pin collection is slowly building by him, and is a must for any horror fan. My favorite so far hands down has to be his Jaws pin. As a HUGE fan as well as New England resident I wear it proudly!  Stay tuned for an EPIC holiday release from Shane!

8) Ratknife 
- The only other great pin company besides Theater has to be Ratknife. It seems that pin companies are now a dime a dozen but what sets Ratknife apart from all the others is the attention to detail they give with the releases from them. I instantly fell in love with their Halloween 5 and light up Graveyard shift pin. For any horror fan looking for the perfect gift come check out their newest releases! Loved the Pumpkinhead one!

9) Pizza Party Printing 
- A fun little company I just discovered on IG. What makes me smile about this company is how much fun it seems they are having running this company. I love that you receive your order in an actual pizza box. I've had my eyes on their Night Of The Comet T-shirt for some time now. What says the holidays more than rocking some killer holiday horror T-shirts?!

10) Fright Rags
- One of the best companies around for horror T-shirts and hoodies, the crew over at Fright Rags after all this time are still delivering the goods. In fact I'm currently wearing my Monster vision T-shirt as I type!

Happy holidays!!!

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