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Why killing Hicks and Newt off completely tore our souls apart. Week 8! - James Cameron films!

 Why killing Hicks and Newt off completely tore our souls apart. Week 8! - James Cameron films!

Well, we're onto our 8th week of Sensational Summer! We're slowly making our way to the close of things, but remember summer ain't over till Stacy says! Even after our lineup is finished I still have a ton of things planned. There will be more reviews, interviews, lists, and even a killer VHS giveaway! Just a few things to look forward to before we shift on over to the cooler days of fall! But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Instead, we're celebrating the 1st day of August, by going into our newest themed week. 

James Cameron movies!

Today we're going to cover one of the most gut wrenching, biggest mistakes in film history. That's when director David Fincher took over from the highly popular film franchise left behind by Ridley Scott, and James Cameron. The Alien movies were at a high point when we last left the characters of Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and Bishop on the rescue ship, safe and sound.

Well that's at least what we thought!

Aliens was a HUGE and I mean HUGE favorite movie of mine growing up. In fact, it still remains in my top ten after all these years. James Cameron did the impossible. He topped a spooky science fiction horror movie, and shifted gears completely into an action packed military movie for it's sequel. For those who have been lucky enough to watch the director's cut they know that there was some serious rich backstory for Ripley. It appears she was actually a single mom to a beautiful little girl who she promised before going on the mission in the original movie that she would be back in time for her birthday. Well as fate had it, Ripley was in hyper sleep for almost 60 years and she learns in a deleted scene that her daughter died of old age and never had any children. The photograph that Ripley holds is actually a photo of Sigourney Weaver's mother. This brief little scene always killed me since it really shows how tragic Ripley's life was, having outlived her own daughter and feeling as if she abandoned her. This adds to the reason why Ripley forms such a strong bond with Newt. If fans remember when Ripley goes back to rescue Newt at the end, young Newt even cries "Mommy!" before grabbing hold of her. In fact if you think about it, Ripley, Hicks, and Newt serve as sorta a twisted family unit, looking out, and protecting one another. (I guess you could say Bishop is the family dog?) Anyways, it was refreshing to see our favorite characters survive at the end of Cameron's thrill ride, and in 1986 we were left with the peaceful image of Ripley and Newt sleeping peacefully like mother and daughter. 

Well all of that went to shit in the next sequel made in 1992.

Since the little girl who played Newt had aged since the last movie and was no longer acting they needed to think of a way to write the script. Several much stronger drafts were tossed around and when actor Michael Biehn was asked to come back, he took one look at the script and knew what a complete and utter shit show things were going to be. Taking the higher route, he declined his role, and when they tried to make a dummy of his likeness as his corpse he threatened to sue. So after talking to long time buddy Cameron, he decided to allow them to use a photograph of him instead. Michael claims as much as he hates that his character was killed off, and sorta wishes he continued with the movies, he was actually paid more for using that photo than what he was paid to be in Aliens. I guess Alien 3 is a sore spot for not just Biehn, but James Cameron as well since he felt killing off Newt and Hicks at the very beginning ripped the heart out of the story.

I 100% agree with them. In fact, funny enough story. As much of an Aliens fan that I am, I have NEVER seen all of part 3. I own it, but no I have never watched the entire movie. I remember renting it when I was little, popping it in all excited and bang, I felt as if my heart had been torn out. As a little girl, Michael Biehn was my childhood crush and all ready I had to witness him being killed in The Terminator, The Abyss, The Rock, and Tombstone. This was just too much. I couldn't believe it. Just how cold hearted this movie felt with Ripley waking up and being told so flatly that she was the only survivor. Her looking at the wreckage, and when seeing Newt's body. I stopped the tape after they disposed of Newt and Hick's body. I couldn't believe it. How could these movies go on without them? Mind you I saw part 4 (that piece of shit) and I know what happens at the end of part 3, but the movies just didn't seem the same after the death of those characters. I have watched many epic characters killed off, but these two were too much for my little nerd heart to bare. 

Trust me, I'm not alone.

Then Prometheus came out.

Directed by Ridley Scott, this beautiful movie seemed like the true part 3. Yes, it was a prequel, but between it's breathtaking sets, Michael Fassbender, and the score I was reminded of a simpler time and how much this movie and Aliens were my favorite. Then just less than a year later, my prayers were answered. I quite often tell people that in today's day of age it's quite the time to be alive being a fan of movies. I feel after years of complaining, and knowing how killing these two characters off were the first of many mistakes to lead the series into a dark terrible abyss, they decided to make fans rejoice. Director Neil Blomkamp released stunning artwork on what would be his dream sequel completely ignoring part 3 and 4 and taking place years after Aliens. Here a grown Newt would return, as well as Hicks. Rumors have been a buzz, mostly with the fact that Prometheus 2 being made first, but all actors have confirmed that they can't say much, but well be filming soon.

Hollllllyyyyyy shiiiittttt!!!!

This summer I celebrated this amazing news by getting a Hicks tattoo. The very idea that this terrible awful plot mistake will be thrown out makes a nerd like me very happy. I can only hope 30+ years later they can still capture the same magic these three characters once had before.

Ah! What a time to be alive!!!

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  1. I would love to see a pic of your Hicks tattoo!!! I love that man!