Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ten movies that will get you into the Halloween mood.

 Ten movies that will get you into the Halloween mood.

It's a rite of passage that as soon as August ends the countdown to Halloween begins. So in honor of pumpkin flavored everything, cooler weather, and breaking out the old Halloween decorations, here are ten movies that will certainly get you into the Halloween state of mind!

10) Silver Bullet.
- A small town is terrorized by an unseen killer who happens to strike every month during a full moon. One night a young boy, confined to a wheelchair setting fireworks off witnesses the impossible. A werewolf. Defending himself, he shoots the beast in the eye with a bottle rocket before barley escaping. The next morning he confesses to his older sister what happened, and how all they need to do is find who in the town now has only one eye...

9) Night Life
-  A young awkward teenager who helps at his uncle's funeral home is forced to work overnight after a terrible accident claims the lives of several high school students he knows. During a storm, the corpses return to life and begin to go after him.

8) Trick R Treat
- A killer spirit, craving heads, werewolf, a serial killer, spirits looking for revenge, and much much more. All of this tales slowly begin to link together on Halloween night.

7) Ghoulies II
- Nasty little demons from Hell hitch a ride to a traveling carnival and hide out inside a haunted house. It's up to a showgirl, dwarf, and young inspiring magician to figure out how to stop them once and for all.

6) The Stepfather
- A middle aged man gets up one morning, showers, shaves off his beard, puts on a hairpiece, replaces his glasses for contacts, and walks out of his house where his entire family lays completely butchered on the living room floor. Taking his suitcase, he closes the door behind him, and walks down the street as if nothing happened. One year later, now under a new name, the man works as a relator, remarried to a recent widow, and has a teenage step-daughter. In almost every way possible he seems like the perfect husband and perfect father. Until he's disappointed. That's when history seems to repeat itself and he begins searching for a new family, and ways to get rid of the one he currently has.

5) Hauntedween
- A young boy who's mildly mentally retarded accidentally kills a little girl while she's visiting his mother's local haunted house. Knowing that he'll get in trouble, his mother takes him away where the two of them live in the woods for almost twenty years. One day the mother passes, and the now full grown man decides to return to his childhood home. There he learns of local college students wanting to re-open the haunted house in order to raise money. There he sneaks inside and begins killing off the co-eds, making the audience believe that it's all part of the show.

4) Halloween
- One Halloween night a young boy brutally murders his teenage sister in cold blood. Sent away to a mental hospital, he begins to be seen under the care of Dr. Loomis who instantly knows he's not dealing with just a typical little boy. He knows the danger behind this boy's eyes, and knows he's waiting for something. Ten years later one rainy night the now grown man escapes, and heads back to his hometown. There on Halloween night he begins to stalk and kill off local teenagers who are babysitting on the same street. Dr. Loomis returns to the town in hopes of catching him before it's too late.

3) Halloween III Season Of The Witch
- One rainy October night a frightened toy store owner comes into a local ER clutching a Halloween mask. Several hours later he's brutally murdered. There the doctor on call, and the murdered man's daughter decide to figure out who exactly killed him, and why did was he holding that mask? Their investigating tracks them to a sea side factory where these masks are made and a huge giveaway is taking place on Halloween night. 

2) Night Of The Demons
- Several teenagers decide to have a Halloween party at an old abandoned house in town. There they decide to hold a seance which unleashes vengeful sports that slowly begin to possess the teen one by one. 

1) The Midnight Hour.
- A bunch of teenagers decide to have a huge Halloween costume party in town. Accidentally the teens read aloud a spell after "borrowing" several costume from the local town museum and awaken thousands of zombies, corpses, werewolf, mummies, and much much more!

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