Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Top 10 Stephen King short stories.

 Top 10 Stephen King short stories.
As our Stephen King week continues, I decided to point out ten of the best of Stephen King's short stories. Length honestly holds no boundaries for King. Here are the top ten most chilling tales ever written by the world famous author. 

1) Gramma
- A young boy is left home alone one October afternoon to look after his bed bound senile grandmother. As the sunsets and his mother still hasn't returned home, he begins to worry getting the creeps. That's when he hears his grandmother, a woman with a strange dark history dealing with witchcraft begins to call for him from the bedroom...

2) The Jaunt
- In the not so distant future, colonies have been built on Mars. A family, planning on moving there uses the only form of transportation which is traveling faster than the speed of light while being sedated. This is called The Jaunt. A groundbreaking invention that was made decades ago after years of failed experiments. Trying to calm his family down,  the father tells them about the history of The Jaunt, and explains why it's so important to be sedated during the trip. This plants a terrifying idea into his young son's mind. An idea that will have nothing but tragic results.

3) The Raft
- A group of college friends decide to jump into one of their cars and drive off to a lake in the middle of nowhere and swim out to the summer raft that hasn't been pulled out of the water yet. It all starts as fun and games before one of the young men notice a strange black goo floating in the water. The group gathers up on the raft, before one accidentally touches it, causing them to get pulled into the water and eaten alive. This unknown puddle has lighting speed, and has them all trapped. Scared, it suddenly hits them...they never told anyone where they were going. There isn't anyone around for miles, and that thing has just gone underneath the raft...

4) Graveyard Shift
- A young drifter goes to work at a mill which is invested with huge rats. Offered to work double over the 4th of July holiday week to clear out the mill's flooded basement, the crew discovers a trap door among the rotted floorboards. The drifter, the foreman, and another man decide to venture down below to see where exactly these rodents are coming in from. What they find is worse than any nightmare imaginable.

5) Trucks
- A group of frightened traverlers are all stranded at a highway side truck-stop. For no reason at all all of the large trucks in the area have begun driving themselves, crashing, attacking, driving, and killing anyone that goes outside. With no outside contact, the group has to come to terms with the fact that they might actually stuck there longer than they think.

6) Strawberry Spring
- Told through the P.O.V of a man who remembers back when he was a college student many years ago during a strange warm spell in February that many locals called "Strawberry Spring." Over the course of a few weeks or so, a series of brutal murders take place at the campus causing a state wide panic.

7) Home Delivery
- A young timid woman is left widowed after her husband dies in a fishing accident. Left alone, pregnant, the woman continues to live her life on the small island she's lived on all her life. Months pass and a series of horrible attacks begin to go reported of the dead rising and attacking the living. The people of the village decide to fend off these creatures themselves, standing guard by the local cemetery waiting for the dead to rise. This young woman receives a visitor one night, a visitor that's come from the watery depths of the ocean.

8) The Monkey
- A young man and his family start cleaning out his aunt's house who just recently passed away. There his young son discovers an old wind up monkey with symbols on each hand. There the hellish memory comes back to when he first found the toy as a young boy and how every time those symbols clanged together...something terrible would happen.

9) Gray Matter
- One snowy night a young terrified boy bursts into a local 24 hour store babbling that his father has turned into some sort of monster after months earlier drank some bad beer. In the months following his father no longer left their tiny little apartment, blocked off all of the windows, and slowly started to transform into something inhuman. Something terrible. A group of men decide to head out there during the snow storm and see if the boy was telling the truth. As they approach the apartment, the men discover what this man has turned into, and where missing locals have ended as well...

10) The Mangler
- A cursed laundry machine called The Mangler is responsible for several brutal deaths. A local detective starts to investigate these accidents and becomes convinced that the machine is possessed. 

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