Sunday, July 17, 2016

Staystillreview's Sensational Summer Part Duex - Week 6! - The Works Of Stephen King - The Stand dream cast.

 Staystillreview's Sensational Summer Part Duex - Week 6! - The Works Of Stephen King - The Stand dream cast. 
As I sit here in the darkness of my den with what I believe is a 10th degree sunburn, I'm kicking off the 6th week of Staystillreview's Sensational Summer! I decided to switch things up a bit, and have this week Stephen King themed. Mr. King is very near and dear to my heart. My mother was a massive fan, reading all of his books and telling me about them as soon as she finished them. My sister and I constantly watched his movies and mini series. Once I was old enough to start reading his books I went through them at a massive speed. His stuff was all I could talk about and was a huge bond between me and sister. In fact, after my mother passed away I saw confront in his novels of all things. I remember curling up and reading his books night after night. Some new, others I would re-read over and over again. One of my favorite works of King is his 1970's epic The Stand. This book is 1000 + pages, and became uncut in 1990. In 1994 ABC made it into a pretty amazing mini series that I re-watched constantly as a kid. For years talks of this book being remade into a film has floated around but many have wondered how exactly this would be done? Even in the 4 part mini series, they still had to cut things and blend characters together. How could you have no limits and be able to capture how epic this was. IT which was originally a mini series in 1990 is finally getting the remake treatment in 2017 which has just begun filming. The movie will be split into two parts and only time can tell if this will actually work. With Netflix knocking shows out of the park (This week we were all treated to Stranger Things.) people fan to speak up and say that Netflix would be the perfect way to remake something as epic and long as say Needful Things or even The Stand. 

Now a game my sister and I used to play is who would be our dream cast present day if The Stand did indeed get remade. Now besides the casting of Frannie (sorry Molly) I felt the mini series did a WONDERFUL job casting. This is if it got remade today. Here are my choices for just some of the main leads.

Stu - Mathew Fox
France - Natalian Dyer
Randle Flagg - Jeffery Dean Morgan
Nadine - Sophie Turner 
Mother Abagail - Viola Davis 
Lloyd - Lee Pace
Harold - Clark Duke
Trashcan Man - Crispin Glover
Larry - Bradley Cooper 
Glen - Scott Wilson
Ralph - Walton Goggins
Nick - Joseph Gordon Levitt
Lucy - Olivia Wilde
Tom - Channing Tatum

Can we keep Joe Bob Briggs? Mmmmm Hummm.

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