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8 things that should be in the IT remake.

 8 things that should be in the IT remake.

The horror community is abuzz with either excitement or dread over the 2017 remake of Stephen King's IT. Just yesterday the first true behind the scenes photos hit the internet, showing filming locations of the town of Derry (which stunned many, including myself shifting the timeline from the 1950's, to the 1980's to match it up to present day being exactly twenty-seven years later.) Remember they changed it from 57 to 60 for the original miniseries. At first I was a little disappointed since the 1950's were a much more innocent time, and the 80's decade has been done to death, but the more I studied the set photos I began to warm up to the idea, upstanding where the filmmakers are going with this as well as the attention to detail that looks to be put into transforming it into the Derry Maine we all know and love. 

Casting for the lucky 7 aka The loser's club was released months before hand to unknown child actors. This of course began to bitching but in all honestly most of the actors who played in the first half of the original IT mini series in 1990 were unknowns as well. As long as they do the role right I don't see there being a problem. When they make the second half of the film and cast the adult roles that's when the pressure is on. Until then, looks fine to me.

Well since very little is unknown about the remake, many fans noticed the casting of characters who have roles in the novel but were cut out of the mini series. The fact they are going to include Patrick Hocksetter, Eddie Corcoran, and Butch Bowers makes me very, very, very happy. As of right now I'm all for this film to happen. I'm not the biggest fan of the director's work, but I feel with Pennywise's look, the sets, and the honest detail that's being put into this movie they know how much is on the line. I'm speaking for many people my age that the 1990 mini series scared the ever living shit out of me. It was a huge part of my childhood, hiding my face whenever Tim Curry appeared on screen. This mini series is legendary, but needed an update as does The Stand mini series. In fact I don't even see this as a remake, but more of an update. 

So here are certain things I believe NEED to be in these films. - Spoilers ahead!!!

1) Eddie Corcoran's death.
- One of the best and scariest moments in the novel is a character who was completely cut out of the mini series. Eddie Corcoran was another child who went to the same school as the losers. Sadly, Eddie had a very abusive step-father, even more abusive than Bev's dad. Eddie's step-father a few months earlier beat Eddie's younger brother to death, claiming it was an accident. Scared too afraid to go home the first night of summer vacation Eddie hangs out in the park before he witnesses his dead rotting brother grab his leg from the canal. Terrified, he jumps up and tries running away before he trips and falls. That's when IT takes the shape of the creature from the black lagoon and rips his head off.

2) Stan trapped in the sandpipe with the dead boys.
- While helping Bev clean up her bloody bathroom, Stan, Eddie, and Ben go to a Laundromat to wash up some old rags they used. Here they slowly talk about how there is something in Derry killing kids, but adults can't see it. Stan finally decides to tell a story of how earlier that spring he witnessed something one rainy day in the park while bird watching. There was a huge sandpipe, which was actually used as a water tower where years ago several boys wandered in during the night, fell in and drowned. Hearing his voice being called that day in the park, Stan finds the bottom door to the sandpipe open and wanders in, finding it completely dark inside and hearing carnival music above. Slowly he starts to climb the steps when the door behind him slams shut, cutting off all light. In a panic, Stan runs down, and keeps trying the door when he hears wet footsteps approaching. Not knowing what to do, he grabs his bird book and starts shouting out bird names as his only defense. There the door slams open, allowing him to run out. Falling back, a few feet away he looks and sees gray rotting hands in the shadows with orange pom-poms at the end of each finger.

3) The leper under the porch.
- I'm pretty excited to see that the leper has been casted in the remake, an actor who appeared in The Conjuring 2. This means it's going to be practical!!!! Poor Eddie one day wanders to an old boarded up house on Neibolt Street and goes underneath the porch where a leper with rotting skin begins to crawl after him saying he'll give him a blow job for a dime. = Nightmares for days.

4) Neibolt Street.
- Neibolt street almost serves as a second location for IT in the novel. First Eddie's run-in with the leper, then Bill, and Richie returning with the werewolf (which will be stated below) This is when the 7 children wander to the abandoned house and instantly see the place begin to shift and play head games as they wander around. Here the werewolf appears, and the children show for the first true time their strength as seven. As the werewolf attacks, Bev hits it with the slingshot, and besides Ben getting bad scratches, they make it out alive. Here they learn that they need to face it before it's too late.

5) The werewolf chasing Bill and Richie during daylight.
- The second trip to Neibolt street is when Bill and Richie head up there themselves. I'm currently re-reading this book for the 4th time, and this is by far one of the most suspenseful moments in the entire novel. I love how they get out of there by Richie using sneezing powder, and them scrambling to escape before jumping on Bill's bike Silver. This is where things really get scary. Even though it's daylight, the werewolf aka IT continues to chase to boys as Bill speeds down the hill. The werewolf even paws at Richie, chasing them, and trying to claw at him. Both boys barley escape and once they reach the bottom of the street they watch and see a quick flash of orange go down the sewer drain, knowing that it was in fact Pennywise, taking on the shape of the werewolf to scare them. I love this chapter since it shows how truly dangerous this creature is. Poor Richie is beaten to hell, and bleeding and it shows both boys down right terrified, and showing more strength than any adult in the entire book. 

6) Patrick Hocksetter's death
- One of the creepiest characters in the entire novel is Patrick Hocksetter. Patrick is a slow witted boy who hangs out with Henry and the other bullies. Patrick's history is more than a little unsettling. It talks about how Patrick is completely  disconnected to reality, and takes great pleasure in harming living things, including his infant brother years ago and making his parents believe it was crib death. In the present years, Patrick has been trapping animals inside an old refrigerator until they die. One warm day in July, Bev is out skating and after falling decides to head down to their club house and practice with the sling shot. There she takes a shot cut through the junk yard. There she nearly is seen by Henry and Co. After witnessing some very bizarre behavior with the boys (including Patrick giving Henry a hand job.) (Nope, I'm not kidding...) until finally Patrick is the last boy there. Bet witnesses him heading to his trusty refrigerator to clean out after Henry told him he would tell about the animals if he ever spoke about the hand job. Here Bev watches from afar as Patrick opens the door and these little white lech things with wings fly out and start attaching themselves to Patrick, draining him of all of his blood. This is a very graphic scene, and down right terrifying mostly when Pennywise gurgles the words "Hello and goodbye." before dragging Patrick's body away.

7) Henry gets a ride by Belch in Christine.
- Due to the budget/time the mini series could only touch upon Belch, Henry's dead friend who died that summer day in the 1950's returning from the grave to aid in helping him murder the remaining seven at the hotel they are staying at after their reunion. In fact in the book a lot of this is changed. He attacks Mike in the library, but gets hurt himself. Bleeding, and most likely dying, Henry hides out in the bushes in the middle of the night in downtown Derry before headlights appear out of nowhere and pull up to the curb. Looking out he sees it's a Plymouth Fury car, same as Christine waiting for him. Once he gets in he sees it's Belch who's rotting after 27+ years of being dead in the sewer. The attention to detail that's put in this segment is insane. In fact it down right turns the reader's stomach. It speaks about how Frankenstein's monster lumbered out of the darkness all those years ago and twisted off Victor's head before attacking Belch with Henry running away. This is another thing that gets me about the timeline shift in the remake. In the novel as well as the mini series they spoke about popular things that children that age were scared of. (Frankenstein, the wolf man, the crawling eye, ect.) I'm really interested to see what they are going to chose for IT to shift into besides the clown for the 1980's. In the book when he reunion happens in the 1980's a child remarks he saw the Jaws fin floating around in the river. Wouldn't it be amazing if the children thought they saw Freddy or Jason attacking them? (Hey, a girl can dream) ANYWAYS, it's a great part of the book with Belch not really saying a word, just driving the car as Henry sits beside him smelling him rot. Amazing.

8) The mummy with balloons that blow against the wind.
- Another great chapter chapter in the book is Ben recalling the first time he truly saw IT, or whatever it was attempting to appear as to scare him earlier that winter. Here he stays behind helping a teacher and is hurrying home for curfew. Here he looks over the bridge at the frozen river below and notices a mummy slowly lumbering across the ice holding balloons. But these aren't normal balloons. Despite the wind, they blow in the opposite direction as it keeps shuffling across the ice. I would kill to see this in the movie!

Until then long live 1990 and let's keep our fingers crossed 2017 won't let us down!!!

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