Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top 5 camp slashers!

 Top 5 camp slashers!
There truly is no better way to spend a mild summer evening by ranking the top 5 camp slashers. Some aren't the usual choices, but perfectly capture the ever so pleasant feeling of hot summer days filled with swimming, camping, and murder!!!

5) Terror At Tenkiller. 
- Two college friends decide to spend the summer up at one of their parents' cabins to leave some space between a very creepy and overprotective boyfriend. At first this peaceful little area seems like absolute Heaven for the two of them. That is until a crazed psychopath begins stalking them and picking off locals one by one.

4) Summer Camp Nightmare.
- After nothing some uncomfortable things going on at the local summer camp, one young man decides to take a stand by kidnapping the counselors, and having all of the older teens join forces with him. Weeks pass, and soon things begin taking a turn for the worse after a young girl is attacked by one of the campers and there's nobody around to put a stop to this building violence that's starting to overtake the camp.

3) Friday the 13th part 2
- Just two months after Mrs. Voorhees massacred the entire staff of Camp Blood, survivor Alice is slowly trying to pick up the pieces of her life. Unfortunate for her, somebody witnessed that terrible night on Crystal Lake, somebody believed to be dead. Jason. Back for revenge, he murders Alice and returns to the woods where he's been living as a hermit most of his life. Five years pass, and across the lake a counselor training program starts up. Here local teens ignore the warnings from their boss to stay away from the old closed down camp and wander back to the empty campgrounds after hearing the legend of Jason and his crazy mother. Outraged that people are trespassing, Jason begins picking off the counselors one by one to avenge his mother's death.

2) Sleepaway Camp
- This movie holds the special title as having one of the most shocking endings I have ever seen in a horror movie. Years ago a young man and his twin children Peter and Angela are spending the day out boating. Sadly an accident happens and leaves Angela the only survivor raised by her crazy aunt. Years later she's sent off to summer camp with her over protective cousin Ricky. Instantly the other campers tease Angela for being so shy and withdrawn. It doesn't take long before a series of strange accidents begin to happen leaving people seriously hurt or even worse. Who's doing the killing? And why?

1) The Burning
- The ultimate camp summer slasher. Years ago a group of campers played a terrible prank on the grounds keeper, an old drunk named Crospy. The prank got out of control, leaving Crospy severely burned and sent to a hospital for nearly five years. Once he's released, now terribly disfigured, his mind now snapped he wanders to a new camp and decides to wait until the campers go on an over night trip down river before he strikes. Here are features some of the goriest and greatest effects ever seen in a slasher movie! Plus a very adorable Fisher Stevens! 

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