Monday, April 4, 2016

Thoughts on The Walking Dead finale - "Hi, I'm Negan."

 Thoughts on The Walking Dead finale - "Hi, I'm Negan."


Groans from around the world were heard last night when the most anticipated season finale, let alone episode in all 6 seasons finally aired. Fans of the highly popular show began placing bets after this frustrating season trying to figure out who Negan would beat to death with his baseball bat Lucille. In the comics it seemed that Glen would get this honor as the storylines began to finally die down in the 100th issue. Viewers were teased over Glen's death multiple close-calls, and people thought his storyline with Maggie and himself expecting a baby was too happy and good to be true. We've learned very quickly in this show that nobody can really be happy.

For weeks people were placing bets on which route the show was going to go with. Would they stick with Glen? Take the bad ass choice in fan favorite Daryl, or the heartbreaking way with Carl or Carol. I myself who really isn't the big Walking Dead fan, forced myself to watch this season since the second I heard about the brilliant casting choice with Jeffery Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Watchmen, The Possession.) I've been a fan of this handsome SOB for years so seeing him yet again return to a popular television show was a huge treat. I started watching mid way through and was honestly surprised. The mid-season finale blew my mind, as did the ever so awesome effects by KNB. Deciding to jump on the bandwagon. I was pretty shocked how much I was truly looking forward to finally meeting Negan. The way they were hyping this guy up like no tomorrow and everyone said he was by far the most brutal and bad ass villains. In fact he made the governor look like a complete school girl! I couldn't wait.

Days before hand in order to hype myself up I gushed about who was going to get it with friends. Even tried out a pretty half assed but decent cosplay of Negan, and couldn't stop wondering if this show was going to completely give zero fucks with the kill that would send shockwaves all over the world.

Sadly the second to last episode began to set me up for exactly what I feared the most. For a while I really did believe maybe the show wouldn't give two flying shits about the Daryl character and actually kill him. Well, after a gunshot wound (which my sister I believe nailed what exactly I think the show is going to go storyline wise. Daryl is wounded and won't be able to hold his crossbow.) That gunshot wound I believe saved Daryl from any danger. 

The finale dragged on until the last seven or so minutes before finally they wandered straight into Negan's camp. The sounds of everyone whistling creeped me the HELL out. I couldn't help it, but the second Jeffery stepped out of the trailer I had the biggest shit eating grin on. I usually do root for the villains, but this show I found the villains more annoying than anything else. This was the first time I honestly couldn't stop smiling, loving every single line he delivered with complete and utter perfection. Between them nailing how exactly he should look, I felt this final scene was set up perfectly. The leads kneeling down, Rick looking so terrified he seems to be losing his mind, and finally Negan playing his final game to see who would be chosen to meet their end by the hands of Negan's lady. 

The cinematography was awesome before sadly the show pulled the biggest dick move and cop out by showing the P.O.V of whoever was getting killed as Negan brought down the bat again, and again, and again.

Now we have to wait until October to find out who Negan killed.

As much as people are trying to compare this to Dallas or Twin Peaks, I found it a stupid cliffhanger and we all know in the end the show won't have any balls and end up killing a minor character. If when we do return in October I really do hope as much as I find it unlikely that it will be a main character, we can just hope that maybe the show went the bad ass route and took somebody we call care about out. I mean come on now.

Until then, what I can say about this finale is the brilliant performance played by Jeffery Dean Morgan. A highly underrated actor, who I hope finally gets the credit he deserves. If there's anything I can take out of next season...I hope it's the eye candy from Morgan who I know will steal the show.

Until then, let's all place bets on who Negan killed!


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