Sunday, April 3, 2016

My Hateful Eight collection.

 My Hateful Eight collection.
This past Tuesday The Hateful Eight came out on blu-ray/DVD. So far I've watched it three times this week and it still hasn't gotten old. The Hateful Eight was my #1 choice for best film in 2015 (The Green Inferno, even if it was made in 2013 was my second choice, It Follows was my third, Jurassic World was my 4th.) But Quentin's 8th film completely knocked my socks off. Having been a massive fan of his movies since I was little, this by far has been one of his top masterpieces. It didn't take long for me to start collecting as many things as possible for this movie. Here is what I have so far...

1). The Hateful Eight on blu-ray/dvd. Yes, I didn't get the steelbook. In fact, this is the first Quentin movie I actually own on blu-ray. I rarely ever wait for the SE edition for films but I'm sure whenever it goes get released (hopefully with more extras) I'll snatch it up. The movie was crystal clear, and reminded me how truly beautiful this movie is and how you have to at least once watch it on the big screen. 

2). Cloth banner from Japan. Funny story behind this, when I ordered it I didn't pay attention to the size believing that it was a full poster. Instead, I received a much smaller banner. Wasn't that upset over it since it really was nice. Not wanting to destroy it since it's made out of very thin cloth I had my roommate frame it for me while I was recovering from a nasty virus.  This is my favorite type of poster, the fact we have all eight main characters on it. Still trying to find a place to hang it.

3). Hateful Eight pop vinyls. It still puzzles me that they only released four of these characters. I really don't know if they would make the other four, but still, the main characters were released. These are down right adorable. I only own a few pops. The Big Trouble In Little China, a Freddy Dream Warriors one, a Trick R Treat one, a few Gremlins one, and now 4 of the Hateful Eight. I have an urge to pick up a few more since they make the perfect gift idea. I mean who wouldn't want a Daisy doll for their birthday?

4). The Hateful Eight cups. I believe these were released in a theater on the West Coast. I was able to snag all 8 (one cup for each character) for just fifteen dollars. I have these babies, and trust me I was more than a little tempted to get wasted by drinking out of them. How bad ass would that be, getting drunk drinking from a Sam Jackson cup. Y.O.L.O

5). The Hateful Eight soundtrack. I've been dying to get this on vinyl. There was a limited release of a SE steel box of the entire soundtrack. Broken up into eight records, including a small coffee pot, and a Lincoln letter. As much as I would kill for it, those go for 600$ and more. Still, they do have the entire soundtrack on regular vinyl so I'm keeping my eyes open for it. Until then, I'm happy with it on CD. I can't tell you how many times I've driven around this winter in the snow blasting this.

6). 14 of the Hateful Eight dolls. God, what a complete and utter bitch this was collecting all of them. I now have 14 in total (Doubles of Daisy, Chris, Joe, Oswald, Bob, and The General.) I'm still missing Quentin (sorta annoyed they added him since really he wasn't a character.) Still, absolutely love that I now own all of these. 

As of right now I'm keeping my eyes out for a snow globe, steel box, and posters for this movie. If anyone spots anything let me know. My goal is to have one hell of a impressive collection by the end of this year. Let's see! So anyone have any awesome pieces? Please share!

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