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Amityville films - From best to worst.

 Amityville films - From best to worst.

There is always a film series that is near and dear to your heart. Let it be the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, the Friday The 13ths, Children Of The Corns, Texas Chainsaw Massacres, or even Romero zombie epics. One series has been going strong since the mid 1970's. Based off a best selling novel, and loosely streaming from somewhat true events that began from a landmark location that was the source of a series of puzzling blood thirsty murders. The Amityville Horror is a chilling supernatural cult classic, that has spawned countless books, films, and films inspired by them. The Amityville house in Long Island is one of the most recognizable houses in the world. Here is my list of my favorite to least favorite films from the series.

Now I'll admit, I haven't seen Amityville Asylum, or the newest movie coming out Amityville Awakening. These two films will sadly not make the list. I will be judging them from best to worst in my eyes.

1). Amityville 1992 It's About Time
- Anyone surprised this made my #1? Directed by Tony Randle (Hellraiser II) This 6th installment may be cheesy, but was a very decent horror movie for the early 1990's. With killer KNB effects, a great new location/cursed object, a likable cast (Hello Damon Martin!) and one hell of an ending, 1992 will forever and always be my favorite sequel/film in the entire series.

2) Amityville The Possession 
- Many may argue that this is the best film in the series. Trust me kids, if it wasn't for It's About Time this one would have made the #1 slot no questions asked. The Possession serves as a great prequel, and even if it takes it's own route telling events, it's by far the scariest movie in the series. With a sick and twisted storyline, amazing effects, and some chilling moments, The Possession is one of the scariest supernatural movies I've ever seen.

3) Amityville The Evil Escapes
- The first in the "cursed" objects from the original house portion of the series. I actually really enjoy The Evil Escapes and sorta dig the whole cursed lamp thing. Yeah it's a made for TV movie, and has some very cheesy laughable moments, but it's really good for a TV movie. I love the location, and well as slow burn suspense that builds. Plus we get to see the world's longest cord on a lamp. That baby fell for an hour out that window!

5) The Amityville Horror 
- The original classic film is a great 70's horror film. A beautiful score, with some very creepy moments. I've read the original novel and actually think the book is scarier than the movie. Still, it's one of my favorite haunted house movies, and was the one that began it all.

6) Amityville The Next Generation
- A great sequel and follow up to It's About Time. With a killer cursed object (the mirror) and tons of great character actors, this movie has a great ending and works really well in the city setting. Only thing missing was to bring back Megan Ward and Damon Martin from the last movie!

7) Amityville 3D
- One of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies. This is a film I could watch countless times. Sure the 3D effects are cheesy and very laughable, but this is a decent horror movie with a pretty cool ending and a young Meg Ryan! The best death in this movie is the woman who burns to death from within her car. Such a strange but awesome flick!

8) The Amityville Horror (2005)
- I actually really thought this was a somewhat decent remake. The CGI I could have gone without, and it lacked the charm the original movie had, but all things considered I thought Mr. Reynolds did a great job, as well as looked mighty fine chopping that wood! Only major thing I would change would be the house they used. I would have gone back to the original. Just something about that location creeps me out!

9) Amityville Dollhouse
- The movie I remember renting the most at the video store. It's really bad, and could have been so much better with the whole dollhouse idea. Still, not a terrible film. All I really remember from this movie was the giant rat scene. 

10) The Amityville Curse
- Such a mess. Has ZIP to do with all of the other movies. Still has that Kim Cotes (or whatever his name is in it) I've grown to find this movie somewhat watchable but it's still a huge pile of shit. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made it. Thank God they went with the direction of It's About Time for the next movie!

11) Amityville Haunting
- Nothing good to say about this pile of shit. I paid 3$ for this…and yes I overpaid.

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  1. Don't waste your time with Asylum. The worst of the bunch. I agree with you on About Time- very inventive. A little over the top with the clock cliches