Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Galligangiving 2015!

 Galligangiving 2015!

Halloween is sadly over, and as we slowly recover from last month's epic ride, the best way to cure the post October blues is to celebrate in the best way possible. That is watching as many Zach Galligan movies as possible. It all started four years ago when a friend and I were celebrating the biggest drinking night of the year (night before Thanksgiving) and happened to watch the 1985 made for TV movie Surviving. Somehow it developed into a tradition. Booze, and Galligan movies. Boom!

This year we're stepping things up. I'm seeing if fellow friends or bloggers want to join in with the fun and write about their all time favorite Galligan themed movies. Whatever the turn out is I'll be posting the line up for this year, trying our very hardest to make it the best Galligangiving ever! 

The film I'm choosing is one of my all time favorites, trying not to call the typical choice (Waxwork movies) I'm calling dibs on Psychic. 

So stay tuned, tis the season to gallivant with Galligan!

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