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Rock & Shock 2015

 Rock & Shock 2015
Rock & Shock has always been very near and dear to my heart. I think it's because way back in 2006 this was the very first convention I ever attended. In fact, because of this one show I actually discovered there was such a thing as conventions which got me going on attending as many as possible. This is a show that's a little less than an hour away from me, but behind so many great memories of mine. Besides 2010 when I was away at school I've attended every single show. In fact, another reason why I love this certain convention is because I was lucky enough to go with my late mother twice in the years before. The few photos I have of us two meeting people will forever be my favorites. Now I'm not about to brag that Rock & Shock is the best convention out there. In fact that's something in general I don't like to do at all. Sure you can always compare shows, some have better vendor rooms, set ups, guest lists, and overall good time. There have been some shows I've had the time of my life at, and the next year hated. I guess it all depends on what sort of time you actually have. I'll admit, I felt as if Rock & Shock was lacking a little in the guest area as well as vendors. I like that it's family friendly but it started to look more like an arts and crafts fair than anything else. Finally two years ago I don't know what happened but it seemed to jump back into gear and it's become a tradition of mine to attend in October. I guess it's just something special about this time of year. Maybe the fact the weather is getting cooler, the leafs are changing, horror movies are playing non-stop on AMC, and there's pumpkin flavored everything. Rock & Shock is just one of those shows if you live on the East Coast you just gotta attend.

I decided this past year I wanted to try and attempt to try vending for the first time at this show. It was local and I wasn't taking a huge gamble renting a table. I've been selling different artwork of mine lately online and decided to get my feet wet and see what it was like on the other side of the convention.

I'm very happy I did.

I shared a table with my friends Nate, Jeanette, and Casey. I sold my coffins which strangely have been a huge hit this year, magazines, magnets, jars, and even an extra mondo print. Nate sold tapes and toys, and Jeanette sold jars, ashtrays, and coasters. It was a cute little idea with horro homemade things you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. We rented a table out in the Artist Alley which was on the outside of the show. It actually wasn't that bad, and we all agreed next year we're going to rent a table in the main room since we were sorta hidden away from people this time around. Still, I had a very successful weekend, selling tons, and meeting lots of great people. Can't wait for next year!

I was able to see tons of old friends, and even meet some new ones. As always it was great seeing Chris from London 1888 and his wonderful girlfriend Courtney who's the coolest ever. I've known Chris since 2011 or so, and adore his artwork. I was able to get a killer Gremlins print, as well as his "Old school." T-shirt. I hung a lot with Courtney and totally wish she lived closer! 

I was able to see Shane my tattoo artist who fucking knocked it out of the park with the few pieces he worked on this weekend. I saw Meg and the family who made the short film I did effects on this past summer. The movie screened this weekend but I wasn't able to leave my booth. From what I heard the movie gathered a pretty good buzz and my effects were a hit! Nice! Also thank you Meg for the killer soaps!

I saw Chris, his adorable niece, Alex, TJ, and had the best interaction with Sean from VHSPS when he bought a coffin at my table. We both have been internet friends for years, and knew of each other but for a solid ten or so minutes talked and had zero idea who each other was. #fail. I was able to get a few movies from his booth which I can't wait to re-watch! After a weekend of selling awesome stuff, walking around the vendor room, laughing, and meeting amazing people I decide on Sunday to meet a few guests.

The first was John Amplas. John was one of Romero's original crew back in the 1970's and 80's. He's best known for his work in Martin, Dawn and Day Of The Dead, Knightriders, and of course Creepshow. I always loved John in Day Of The Dead as Fisher, the adorable geeky lab guy who sadly gets killed by Rhodes (spoiler alert) but what I really wanted to do was something Creepshow themed. I mean who doesn't love the first segment in Creepshow. "I want my cake…" so Sunday morning I ran over to my local market and got a mini cake to surprise him with. I figured dozens of fans had done this before, but it was a photo op I had been itching to do for years. When I met John, he was a total and complete sweetheart. The look of happiness that overcame his face when I handed him the cake was totally adorable. I don't know if he was telling the truth or not, but he claimed I was the first to ever do this. If that is indeed true, beyond awesome. Even if it's not, it rocked my socks seeing him grin, hold the cake, and laugh. Got an epic photo with him and he was amazing enough to sign my Creepshow record for no charge. I urge anyone to meet John. Completely amazing.

The next guest was the master himself George A Romero. Now I have to admit, I was a little torn on spending the extra money to meet him. I had a very successful weekend, but it's rare now for me to really dish out extra cash for guests. Finally it hit me how much I really do love Dawn, Day, and Creepshow. That I had to meet him since i had all ready met Carpenter, and hated the fact I never got the chance to meet Craven. George was beyond nice and there was no line for him! He signed my record and really did seem touched when I shook his hand saying what an honor it was. My friend Jeanette gave him a killer Bub ashtray, and my friend Casey said the most adorable story of how she named her van after him since it was always dying and then coming back to life on her. I had all of the ladies hop in for this photo and it warms my heart to see how cute it came out. Thanks George, beyond awesome.

My next guest was the one I was the most excited for. Mr. Stephen Macht. Stephen has been an actor for years but he's best known for his work in classics like The Monster Squad and Graveyard Shift. I know him as Jacob Sterling from Amityville 1992. I'm sure anyone who knows me, knows what a massive fan I am of this film. Meeting him and having him sign my laserdisc that Megan Ward had all ready signed was something I had been looking forward to for years. Stephen was by far one of the friendliest guests I had ever met. First off, he's a class act who really takes his time with his fans. He tells stories and answers any questions you may have. He laughed the second he saw the laserdisc and my lock screen of Megan Ward and Damon Martin from the movie. He legit spoke to me about the movie for a solid ten minutes and was super funny. He spoke about filming, working with Megan Ward, and how if he ever runs into Damon Martin he's going to warn him about me. Damon if you are reading this, you're the last Sterling family member I need. Let's make this happen! It was beyond awesome seeing him meet Jeanette who's just as much of a Monster Squad fan as me. He talked with him and took photos, gave hugs, and was beyond awesome. If I ever meet him again I gotta have him talk in that sexy Maine accent he had in Graveyard shift. So dreamy!

Courtney met Felicia Rose from Sleepaway Camp who was a total sweetheart and gave out hugs. Such an amazing person.

My final guest was Doug Bradley, best known for his work in the Hellraiser films and of course Nightbreed. I decided to spice things up. As much as I adore the first three Hellraiser movies, I just HAD to bring a movie Doug was in called The Big Game. This isn't a horror movie, in fact it's a zany British comedy drama starring him and Oliver Parker. Doug's reaction was the best. He said in all his years doing shows, he had NEVER seen one person bring this movie. He gave a little background on what the film was based on and laughed when I told him I owned another non horror movie of his called Shepard On The Rock. He wrote he was speechless and was really awesome to meet. Hope to see him again.

So in closing this weekend was a complete blast working. Totally work the shitty head cold I have now.


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