Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Kindred (1987)

 The Kindred (1987)

I've written reviews, ranting and raving about what a great movie this is. Having discovered it in 2013, I fell head over heels in love with what a truly amazing movie this was and how somehow even tho I had seen the VHS cover of the little creature living inside the baby bottle, I didn't bother to rent/buy it until I bought it as a bootleg when I was down in Florida a few years back at Spooky Empire. 

If I had to swear by say, ten or so movies that are highly underrated, and rarely heard of…this would most likely be one of my first choices.

The story is simple enough. A brilliant scientist named Amanda is an older woman who has spent her entire life doing groundbreaking genetic research, filling the gaps in the genetic code using sea creatures. One night she suffers a minor heart attack, and is sent to her hospital. There, she warns her only son, a doctor himself to go to her beach house up the coast and destroy her latest experiment. To find his brother Anthony, and stop this from going any further. Sadly, Amanda passes away a few days later leaving her son wondering what exactly she was talking about? Who's Anthony? He's an only child, not once in his whole life did he hear about having a brother…

  Shortly after the funeral, he takes a bunch of his friends up to his mother's beach house where they plan on searching the entire place top to bottom on any new experiment she was working on as well as seeing if there's any evidence on her ever having a child Anthony.

I won't go any further into the plot without spoiling anything, but this is a great movie for any horror fan. The real star of the whole movie is the haunting soundtrack, and of course of killer effects which are all practical. There's a certain transformation scene at the end that legit is so out of left field my jaw dropped. I was blown away! 

With likable characters, a huge showdown, and a pretty upbeat ending, I always watch this movie whenever the weather turns warm.

Fingers crossed for a DVD/blu-ray release!

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